Have a question regarding scholarships, financial aid, or student loans? For quickest service, contact us via our online helpdesk. The helpdesk is monitored daily Monday through Friday.

We are available for scheduled appointments by phone or video (like zoom or MS Teams). There will be limited availability for drop-in visits or face-to-face meetings until January 23.

Financial Aid Staff

Ruvi Chitungo
Financial Aid Counselor – New Students
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Email: ruvimbo.chitungo@twu.ca
Phone 604.513.2121 ext. 3075

Joel Redekop
Financial Aid Counselor - Undergraduate Students
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Email: joel.redekop@twu.ca
Phone 604.513.2121 ext. 3037

Mariham Saleh
Financial Aid Counselor – Graduate, Seminary and Degree Completion Students
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Email: mariham.saleh@twu.ca
Phone: 604.513.2121 ext. 3013

Jenna Findlay
Manager – Financial Aid Office
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Email: jenna.findlay@twu.ca
Phone: 604.513.2121 ext. 3016

Tim Shulba
Senior Director – Financial Aid & Admissions Services
Email: tim.shulba@twu.ca
Phone: 604.513.2121 ext. 3015


Office Hours: 8:30am – 4:30pm, Monday through Friday

Location: Financial Aid Office is located in the Mattson Center on the Langley campus

Phone: 604.513.2031 or Toll free 888.468.6898

Fax: 604.513.2159

Email: awards@twu.ca

Mailing Address

Financial Aid Office
Trinity Western University
22500 University Drive
Canada, BC   V2Y 1Y1