CPSY 25th Anniversary

It was a beautiful September day when TWU’s longest running graduate program, the MA Counseling Psychology program (MA CPSY), celebrated their 25th anniversary. TWU’s MA CPSY program orchestrated a full day of celebratory events to honor their 25 years together. Roughly 80 people participated in the special events that were held throughout the day. Students, professors and alumni went hiking at Golden Ears hosted by Derrick Klaassen & Mihaela Launeanu followed by afternoon tea hosted by Janelle Kwee and Amy Glazema. A research café and a spiritual crisis workshop, hosted by “Mac” McDonald, Krista Socholotiuk and Bart Begalka, attracted many in the afternoon. Finally, the program came together to share a beautiful buffet dinner and awards banquet held in the Larsen Atrium.

There was much to share and recognize throughout the evening since MA CPSY alumni are actively engaged locally, nationally, and globally in inspiring projects of healing and transformation. MA CPSY Program Director, Dr. Janelle Kwee, joyfully shared that they are celebrating “well over 400 CPSY students and alumni who are the heart and soul ofthe MA Counselling Psychology program, as well as the staff and faculty who have shaped the program over the past 25 years.” The evening was co-hosted by current student Daniel Meszaros and alumni Chelsea Ohlmann who reflected the transformation and community that is so foundational to the program.

The banquet echoed its chosen theme, “Becoming a Transformative Community”, when various alumni from different eras of the program came together to share their reflections on what had been most meaningful to them in the program. Each reflection was thought-provoking, funny, sincere, and full of gratitude for the wonderful program and faculty who invest so heavily in their students. Reflections were shared by: Derrick Klaassen (’99), Eli Norman (’06), Veronica Meszaros (’06), Yanez Koenig (’12), Chelsea Beyer (’16) and Leanne VanderMeer (’17). Congratulations to the following MA CPSY award winners, presented by Dr. Marvin (Mac) McDonald:

  • Integration of Faith & Practice Award – Jessie Wall (’12)
  • Feminist Advocate Award – Chelsea Beyer (’16)
  • Innovative Practice Award – Elsje Hannah (’09)
  • Multicultural Practice Award – Jennifer Mervyn (’00)
  • International Practice Award – Mi-ra Kim (’01)
  • Marginalized Practice Award – Ama Oduro-Kwachie (’15)
  • Make CPSY Proud Award – Fred Chou (’13)


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Today was a historic day for Trinity Western University. Today we celebrated the official appointment of the 5th President and Vice-Chancellor: Dr. Mark Husbands.

You can find the recorded live stream of the inauguration ceremony on https://t.co/7ZVRZ0teiw. https://t.co/J0iKC4Bi6R

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Join us as we officially install Dr. Mark Husbands with his inauguration as the fifth President and Vice-Chancellor of Trinity Western University.
10:00 AM (PDT)

Live Stream: https://t.co/7ZVRZ0teiw https://t.co/GMfpXDLvgi

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