TWU alum uses business degree for his dance career

What do a business major and a hip-hop dancer have in common? For Scott Forsyth, everything.

Forsyth (’14) came to Trinity Western University to earn a business degree. It led him to a successful career—but far from the corporate world. Forsyth works full-time as a choreographer.

“It’s probably the last thing you would ever imagine when thinking about a business graduate,” said Forsyth. “I can tell you without my degree though, I would not be where I am today.”

Forsyth first began dancing at the age of ten, when his mother saw a newspaper ad for a local hip-hop class. It only took a few classes for him to fall in love with dance. It became a hobby and passion that he would pursue into his university years, but he didn’t consider it as a career choice until his fourth year at TWU, when he was getting calls to judge international dance competitions and teach all over the world. Fortunately, his focus on marketing and law in school gave him the ability to transform his passion into a sustainable business.

 “I'll always remember my very first business prof telling me, ‘Business is in everything,’ and it's so true,” said Forsyth. “Initially I thought of only using my business degree to work in corporate law, but a business degree can be applied to any career path…

I need to do my own marketing, finances, accounting and public relations. Being an independent contractor, I deal with contracts daily, and having a background in business law definitely comes in handy, especially when I'm working with foreign entities in Asia and Europe.”

Forsyth’s TWU education didn’t just give him the tools to excel in business. It also prepared him to live out his faith on the job. “Specifically in the entertainment industry, not everything is black and white when it comes to living out your faith,” he said. “My education at TWU has helped me navigate through the grey areas in witnessing to those around me. How I do business can have a lasting impact on those around me.”


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