Claudia Launhardt
Adjunct Professor

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Doktor der Philosophie (Dr phil) - 2003 
Faculty of Oriental Studies at the Africa Asia Institute of the Freie Universitaet Hamburg, Germany
Dissertation: Translation from Arabic to English, Publication and anthropological review of a primary source; diary and religious history, tradition and culture of the Islamic Kingdom Jimma (1861-1932 A.D.) located in south west Ethiopia,). A wealthy Muslim kingdom which emerged in the midst of one of the oldest Christian countries in Africa.

Master of Art in Anthropology, (M.A.) - 1993
Faculty of Anthropology
Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Frankfurt
Thesis: History and life of Aba Jiffar Guda, the most influential king in the Jimma dynasty.
Review of Oral history project sponsored by Ethiopian studies Institute, Department of Anthropology at the University of Addis Abeba/ Ethiopia
Unpublished thesis and term papers of students of Addis Abeba University, who were involved in collecting oral history field research in the Jimma area. Data gathering through Anthropological field research in Jimma prior writing the thesis, using questionnaire, open end interview and comparing the data of oral history project, my own field research to oral history and written sources (letters) of the Jimma royal family.

University of Addis Abeba Ethiopia - 1990
enrolled in Ethiopian history and anthropology classes for two  semesters, field research in Jimma/ Kaffa among the Oromo, a Cushitic, Muslim, ethnic group living a province in the south west of Ethiopia

Arabic Language certificate - 1989
Faculty of Arabic literature
University of Damascus, Syria

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Recent Publications

Rethinking Public Disorder in Vancouver:
A response to Mayor Sullivan and the city of Vancouver
A humanizing Approach to the problems facing the Downtown Eastside
November 2006

Survey on Volunteer Engagement and the Impact of the 2010 Winter Olympics on Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside
Research project for City of Vancouver and VANOC September 2007

Metro Vancouver and the Lower Mainland’s perceptions of the 2010WINTER GAMES
Research project for VANOC, Vancouver Police and city of Vancouver
Fall 2009

Revitalisation of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside
A university research project exploring the aspects of revitalization of the DTES
Research project for CITY OF VANCOUVER Fall 2010

Home school Survey
Opinions on Home-schooling Home school versus Public school
Fall 2010

The moral Inclination of charitable Works
Metro Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, an assessment of charitable attitude
Fall 2011

Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, an authentic accepting and alternative Tourist destination
Research project for Tourism Vancouver and Canadian Tourism Board assisting the Tourism Vancouver Master plan.
Fall 2012

Student perspectives after 50 years of TWU
A research project in honour of the 50 year anniversary of Trinity Western University

Cross section of campus services at Kwantlen Polytechnic University
Survey of student satisfaction regarding campus facilities and services spring 2013

A report by Cultural Anthropology students in connection to the year of Truth and Reconciliation
December 2013

How to bridge cultural differences between Chinese visitors and Canadian football, Report for BC Lions
DEC 2015


Anthropology of Middle East and Africa, Islam, cross cultural research of poverty patterns in urban centers

Courses Taught

Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (100 level)
Islamic Culture (200 level)
Cross Cultural Communications (200 level)
Sociology of Family and Marriage (200 level)
Theoretical Anthropology (300 level)
Anthropology of everyday culture (300 level)
Urban Anthropology (400 level)
Urban Sociology Cities and Urban life ( 400 level)
First Nation studies (400 level)