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Dr. Strong has taught in the Masters in Leadership program at Trinity Western University since January 2017.  She previously held a position as an Assistant Professor of Health Sciences at Redeemer University College (2012-2015).  In addition, she has worked in various private and public health care contexts with adults with mental health concerns.

Dr. Strong has served as the Director of Research for the Kootenay Emergency Response Physician's Association ( KERPA is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2016 with the objectives of saving lives and helping the most critically ill and injured patients in rural BC.

Dr. Strong also currently serves as the Vice President of the Nelson Reflections Artistic Swim Club and lives with her husband four children in Nelson, B.C.

Research & Scholarship

Current Research Project: Geo-mapping Accidental Deaths in the Kootenay’s.  Funded by the Rural Coordination Centre of BC. Co-investigator: Dr. Nicholas Sparrow.


  • Ph.D. (McMaster University)
  • M.A. Applied Health Sciences (Brock University)
  • B.A. Honours (Redeemer University)

Awards & Honors

  • SSHRC Doctoral Scholarship (2007-10)
  • Ontario Graduate Scholarship – Doctoral (2006-07)
  • The Louis Hotz Ontario Graduate Scholarship (2005-06)
  • Ontario Graduate Scholarship – Doctoral (2005-06)
  • Canadian Graduate Scholarship – Master’s (2003-04)
  • Graduate Fellowship, Brock University (2002-03)

Recent Publications

Strong, H. A., Martin Ginis, K. A., & Bray, S. R. (2010). Is positive feedback always positive?  In women with high social physique anxiety positive physical appearance feedback decreases self- presentational efficacy. In B. Geranto (Ed.) Sport Psychology. Nova Science Publications.

Strong, H. A. & Byl, J. (2013).  Examining body image and eating disorders among men and women.  In J. Byl (Ed.) Christian Paths to Health and Wellness, 2nd Edition.  Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics.

Martin Ginis, K.A., Strong, H.A., Arent, S.M., Bray, S.R., & Bassett-Gunter, R.L. (2014). Effects of aerobic- versus strength-training on women’s body image and potential mechanisms. Body Image: An International Journal of Research,11(3), 219-227.

Martin Ginis, K.A., Strong, H. A. & Arent, S.M. (2012). The Effects of Acute Physique Evaluative Threat on Cortisol Activity.  Psychology and Health, 27(8), 990-1007.

Martin Ginis, K.A., Murru, E.L., Conlin, C. & Strong, H.A., (2010). Construct Validation of a State Version of the Social Physique Anxiety Scale Among Young Women. Body Image: An International Journal of Research, 8(1), 52-57.

Lamarche, L., Gammage, K.L., & Strong, H. A. (2008). The effect of mirrored environments on self-presentational efficacy and social anxiety in women in a step aerobics class. Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 10, 67-71.

Stevens, D. E., Strong, H. A., & Kowalski, K.C., & Crocker, P.E. (2007). Does friendship matter? Self-presentational concerns and the role of peer influence in adolescents. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 37, 1248-1264.

Mack, D.E., Strong, H. A., Kowalski, K.C., & Crocker, P.E. (2007).  Self-presentational motives in eating disordered behaviour: A known groups difference approach. Eating Behaviors, 8, 98-105.

Strong, H. A., Mack, D.E., & Martin Ginis, K.A. (2006).  Examining self-presentational exercise motives and social physique anxiety in men and women.  Journal of Applied Biobehavioral Research, 11, 209-225.

Strong, H. A., Stevens, D. E., & Gammage, K. L. (2005). The body cage: An examination of body image concerns in athletes. Coaches Report, 11, 24-27.


Dr. Strong’s research interests have focused on understanding the determinants, processes and outcomes of health behaviour in order to promote psychological well-being.  Specifically, her research has focused on understanding how physical activity can improve women’s mental health.

  • Women’s mental health
  • Exercise and Well-being
  • Spirituality and Health

Courses Taught

  • LDRS 591: Scholarly Inquiry
  • LDRS 631: Health Leadership Issues
  • LDRS 634: Accountability and Performance
  • LDRS 697 & 698: Leadership Integration Project