Registration Information

If you are a new student to the university, click here to apply. If you have any questions please email
If you are a current student, please Email Jonathan Barkowsky (​) to inquire about possible courses.

Withdrawal Information

Withdrawal guidelines for Independent Study courses:

  • You have 4 months to complete it.
  • From the first day to the third week after you have been registered in the course there is a $450 drop fee if you drop the course.
  • Dropping after week 3 will receive a W grade (withdrawal) on your transcript.
  • A 60% tuition refund will be made on week 4, with further refunds decreasing by intervals of 10% per week and no refund after the sixth week.
  • Week 7 - 11: You may only withdraw from courses due to severe extenuating circumstances after week 6. There is no tuition refund. A WP (Withdraw pass) or WF (withdraw fail) would be the grade on your transcript based on your grade at the time of withdrawing.