The Marlie Snider Collegia Program

A Home Away from Home

Being involved in community, both personally and professionally, is key to student success. Initially, visistors of the Collegiums are attracted to the warm ambiance, convenient access to computers and academic resources, and subsidized food. However, it is the richness of interaction with professors and peers in these campus hubs that leaves a memorable imprint on the student experience at TWU. Each year, student leaders facilitate the collegiums by hosting the lounges, organizing commuter events, and taking initiative on new opportunities to connect students to each other. 

The Marlie Snider Collegium

The Marlie Snider Collegium (The "Marlie") is known for its natural features that make transitioning between quiet study and socializing a breeze. Students spanning a range of faculties (including Natural and Applied Sciences, School of Arts, Media and Culture, and the School of Nursing) enjoy frequenting the lounge because of its convenient proximity to the Fiine Arts, Science, Communications, and Education buildings. 

The West Coast Collegium

Brushed stainless steel appliances, a cozy fire place and stuffed leather couches help make this space a comfortable home for commuters from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, School of Education, School of Human Kinetics, and the School of Business. In addition to the rich ambiance, students benefit from regular updates about campus life. 


The Graduate Collegium

The Graduate Collegium is designed to meet the needs of the commuting graduate student. During the day, you can usually find students connecting with program directors, faculty, and peers. With a blend of lounge and office spaces, the Graduate Collegium is equipped with study rooms, specialized software programs, beautiful lounge areas and various other amenities to help you thrive.