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Guard Me

Guard Me provides medical coverage for international students who are new to BC. This plan covers required medical services to address new and unexpected illness or injury.

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If the website is down, please call 1-888-348-1946 (fastest solution) or e-mail for questions or registration.


No. MSP is mandatory for all eligible persons residing in BC.

It will be emailed to you within 24 hours of confirmation. If it is not in your inbox, please check the junk mailbox.

Enrolment through GuardMe is mandatory until your BC MSP coverage is active.

For non-emergency assistance, send an email to

For emergency assistance dial:

1 888 756 8428 (toll-free in North America)

1 905 731 8291 (collect call outside of North America)


If you see the doctor or nurse in the Wellness Centre on campus, you will first need to pay out of pocket and then make a claim on the GuardMe website. If you see a doctor outside of the campus, or if you go to the hospital you need to also be prepared to pre-pay for your visit. Make sure you keep all your original receipts in order to submit a claim.

GuardMe is private health coverage meant to bridge the gap for international students who have a 90-day waiting period before being eligible for MSP.

Yes, GuardMe has a service called Mobile Doctor that allows you to speak with a Canadian doctor using your phone, tablet or computer. This is part of your health benefits with GuardMe.

More information

BC Medical Services Plan (MSP)

MSP is our provincial medical insurance and it covers required medical services provided by physicians, specialists, diagnostic facilities, laboratory facilities, and hospitals.

If you are moving from another province, you should apply for MSP and arrange for coverage with your former medical plan during the 3 month wait period to ensure you have full medical coverage while living in BC. There are no monthly MSP fees for Canadian students.

Immediately upon your arrival. There is a 90-day waiting period before it will take effect but you should apply immediately.

Important Information for Returning International Students

If you go home for the summer you still need to keep up with your payment for your MSP coverage. You can only cancel your MSP if you are leaving the country for longer than 6 months. Anything shorter than 6 months is considered a vacation and you are responsible for the monthly payments.

Your MSP coverage is only valid for the duration of your study permit. If your study permit expires, your coverage expires. It is therefore very important that you send MSP your new study permit when the old one expired. To upload your study permit click on this link and then choose "New MSP Account Change Request."

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