Jessica Van Elk Directs at The Cultch

Jessica graduated from TWU in 2012 with her BA in Theatre. She has been directing and producing in Vancouver since then and is currently participating in the Cultch's IGNITE! Directing Mentorship Program. The program provides one-to-one mentorship, workshops, and a supportive environment to hone her craft. She is directing a new one-act comedy calledParty Princess Rule No.5, written by a participant in the playwriting mentorship. Come see the Jessica's work at the Cultch from May 6-10.

Jessica Van Elk directs Party Princess Rule No. 5 as part of The Cultch's Ignite FestivalPARTY PRINCESS RULE NO.5 
By Karina Palmitesta

Stay in character. Keep smiling. Never, ever, ever use the bathroom. Newbie party princess Madeleine must learn to live by a few simple rules—but when the past unexpectedly catches up with her on the job, those rules are the least of her problems. Trapped in a bathroom and a polyester bustle, caught between a boss and a group of rambunctious toddlers, Madeleine must confront her past and shape her future in this outrageous one-act comedy.

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