Reinvented and Inventive Godspell features grads, students and faculty

Grads and students shine in director Sarah Rodgers creative revisioning of the popular musicalGodspell. The production (running at Pacific Theatre from May 28 - July 3), places the story in the centre of the original sketch comedy television show Laugh-In. Jesus and John the Baptist (Ron Reed) are special guests on the program, which features the classic Laugh-In schtick, including the dance party, the doors, and the one-liners.

All the Laugh-In characters are also present and most are recreated by TWU grads. Goldie Hawn (Katherine Gauthier), Jo Anne Worley (Erin Germaine Mahoney), Ruth Buzzi (Kyla Ferrier), Lily Tomlin (Julia Church), Eileen Brennan (Shalyn McFaul), and Judy Carne (Diana Squires), join announcer Gary Owens (Chris Nash) and hosts Dan Rowan and Dick Martin (John Voth). The "studio audience" is guided to laugh and applaud at appropriate moments by Production Assistant Benjamin Buckingham.

Assistant stage manager for the production is grad Phil Miguel and the technical director is TWU's newest staff member Linsy Rotar.

A sampling of the critical acclaim for this "talented group of actors".

"Some of these young actors impress. I particularly enjoyed Kyla Ferrier’s work as Ruth Buzzi’s hair-netted character Gladys, and as Tiny Tim. Ferrier taps into the essence of these figures as well as mastering their external behaviour... John Voth catches a good portion of Dick Martin’s goofy charm, and “On the Willows”, his melancholy second-act duet with Joel Stephanson’s Dan Martin, is a musical highlight." Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight

"Erin Germaine Mahoney really socks it to us with 'Turn Back, O Man'--an exhortation to 'forswear' our 'wicked ways.' Bratton sweetly renders Christ's desire to 'Save the People,' and the ensemble numbers are big and happy. Katherine Gauthier sparkles throughout as ditzy Hawn." -Jo Ledingham, The Vancouver Courier

"Stand outs include Katherine Gauthier’s Goldie Hawn with her near perfect dumb and giggle, Erin Germaine Mahoney’s bigger than life Jo Anne Worley and Julia Church’s Lily Tomlin snorting her way through Ernestine and contorting her way through Edith Ann. As hosts Rowan and Martin, Joel Stephanson and John Voth are also spot-on with an obvious chemistry and near perfect comedic timing." Mark Robins, GayVancouver