Shakespeare's The Comedy of Errors goes disco in Trinity Western's newest production

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TWU’s School of the Arts, Media + Culture (SAMC) presents The Comedy of Errorsand gives Shakespeare's farcical tale of twins a twist by setting it in the disco era of the 1970s.  The Comedy of Errors plays March 13 – 24, 2018 in Freedom Hall, Robert N. Thompson Building, Trinity Western University. For info and tickets, visit Note: Preview Night tickets are half price.

It's The Bard. In Bellbottoms!

The crowd-pleasing farce of twins and mistaken identity gets the ‘70s treatment, in Trinity Western’s production of William Shakespeare’s The Comedy of Errors.

Never before has this much polyester graced the stage of Freedom Hall, at Trinity Western's Langley campus. The classic story revolves around two identically named identical twins and their identically named identical twin servants. Separated as infants by a shipwreck, the brothers (both named Antipholus) and their respective servants (both named Dromio) unwittingly cross paths in Ephesus. Mistaken identity leads to identity crises as each set of twins is mistaken for the other.

Though the actors will be speaking their best Shakespeare from the stage, the action takes place in the disco era of the '70s. “I was looking for a period that could support the farcical elements I wanted to pull out of the play," explains director Kerri Norris, TWU's Instructor in Theatre. "With its whole 'Saturday Night Fever feeling,' the disco era seemed the perfect fit.”

"The Comedy of Errors is pure entertainment book-ended by a beautiful love story," says TWU fourth-year acting student, Steven Simpson, who plays Antipholus of Syracuse, one of the twins. Referencing the production's high-energy action and spandex-splitting laughs, the fine arts major adds, "It inspires positive community—it's the perfect play for family and friends to enjoy together."

List of Cast and Crew

Director Kerri Norris
Stage Management Natalie Hoogstra, Chelsea Craig, and Jennifer Mamchur
Set Designer: Sophie Tang
Costume Designer: Megan Gilron
Lighting Designer: Chengyan Boon
Cast (in alphabetical order): Uliana Akulenko, Alexandria Bay, Amanda Haggett, Emmett Hanly, Hayley James, Keenan Marchand, Lucas Morehouse, Kate Nundal, Jane Oliphant, Cathy Shields, Steven Simpson, Connor Thiessen, and Joelle Wyminga.

The Comedy of Errors runs March 13 – 24, 2018 at Freedom Hall, Robert N. Thompson Building, Trinity Western University, 7600 Glover Road, Langley. Call 604.513.2188 for tickets and show times or book online at

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BREAKING: Dr. Andrew Perrin, Assistant Professor in Religious Studies and Director of the Dead Sea Scrolls Institute at Trinity Western University (TWU), receives the Canada Research Chair in Religious Identities of Ancient Judaism today.

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