TWU graduate Daniel Leung sought to benefit others through studying human health

Having always enjoyed being an active person, Daniel Leung wanted to align his knowledge and education to his lifestyle and life goals.
For him, Kinesiology looked like the perfect way to blend the two.

Leung also thought that he could share his knowledge with others. By studying human fitness, he wanted to help others to find the same benefits of health that he had found for himself.

Leung graduated from Trinity Western in 2014 with a Bachelor of Human Kinetics (Kinesiology stream). He is now a police officer with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

‘Make choices…to move forward’

Leung shared that TWU was a haven for him. He spent a lot of time at the TWU gym during his university years, and that familiarity and his "me time" was and continues to be somewhere he can retreat to, in order to "recharge" and refocus. He added that almost all his meaningful experiences with TWU have something to do with fitness and human kinetics.

Leung shares that what contributed to his career success is “to make choices, to follow through on them, and to move forward with the outcome.” When asked what he loves about his current job, he said that it is the responsibility of the job.

Furthermore, the physical health and mental well-being "homework" done outside of work gives him a foundation upon which he can do his day-to-day work.   

‘Always help others, and be kind…’

Studying Human Kinetics at TWU has taught Leung how to take good care of himself, in order to operate well within his current circumstances and daily work challenges. He believes that what he learned at Trinity Western will continue to help him in his future.           

When asked what advice he could give to current and future students, he said, “Always help others, and be kind in doing so.”

He also shared a wise parable: “Beaver teeth is naturally reinforced with iron, which gives their teeth a stained appearance. This iron reinforcement helps beavers bite through tree bark, so that it can eat the sap and bark, and to collect materials for their dams.” It is a good encouragement, pointing to the rewards of perseverance and hard work.

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ALUMNI NEWS | Daniel Leung, a 2014 Bachelor of Human Kinetics graduate, shares how Kinesiology aligned his knowledge and education to his lifestyle and goals.
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