Moodle is the TWU Learning Management System (LMS), and it is where your course work will be while you are learning remotely.

Moodle provides a secure web platform that allows students and faculty to access a common, secure space to interact in the context of a particular course. Faculty are able to create or upload resources related to the course, distribute information about assignments and supplementary course materials, create and manage quizzes, and host conversations in the forums. Students are able to contact their faculty and each other, submit assignments, respond to discussion prompts, and complete quizzes. Make sure to check Moodle often for updates.

Moodle is one component of TWU’s Digital Learning Commons, which also includes WordPress, PressBooks, and other platforms maintained by individual faculty.


Go to and enter your TWU email and password. You may notice that you are signed in automatically if you are already signed in to a different TWU system (Office365).

Every TWU student, staff, and faculty member has been assigned an email address, as follows:

  • Students → [firstname.lastname]
  • Faculty and staff → [firstname.lastname]

In most cases, your username is firstname.lastname and it is identical to the username you use to sign in to other university systems.


The first page you see in Moodle will be your Dashboard showing all of your current courses. You can use the links in the menu bar at the top of the page to access Help Resources, the Library, and SETL surveys.

On the right side of the menu bar are the Messaging tools and access to your profile and preference. The 'Drawer' on the left side of the page includes links to your courses. The Course overview in the middle contains links to each of your courses.

  1. Your current courses should be available under the In progress link. If you don’t see them there, they may be on a separate page (click the navigation arrows to show more courses), or they may be under the
    Future tab.
  2. If you don't see a course anywhere on your Dashboard, but you are registered, it is very likely that your instructor has not yet made it visible to learners. Many instructors make last minute changes to the syllabus and some details of the course before they make it visible to learners
  3. Tap or click the course title to go to that course.
  4. Learners: if you don’t see your course, there are a few reasons that may explain this, which you can review below.

Why isn’t my course showing in Moodle?

There are several reasons why your course might not be showing in Moodle.

  • Your instructor has not set the course to ‘Visible’ yet.
    • All courses are hidden by default.  Usually instructors will make their courses visible when the course starts.
  • You are not properly registered for the course.
    • Please contact the Office of the Registrar.
  • You registered very recently and our system has not synchronized yet.
    • We synchronize Moodle with Jenzabar (our database of registrations) every 6 hours.
  • Your dashboard is only showing some of your courses.
    1. Scroll to the bottom of courses listed, scroll through other pages
    2. Have a look through your ‘Past’, ‘Future’ ‘In Progress’ tabs.
    3. Customize what you see on your Dashboard by following these instructions.

Editing Your Profile

Two helpful items to update in Moodle are your email address and your timezone.  You can change the email address to your personal email address if you prefer.  This does not affect login.  Updating the timezone will allow your due dates to be shown in your own timezone.

To do this, click your name in the top right corner, and choose 'Profile'. 

Where to find your Moodle profile 

Then click on 'Edit profile'.

Change the email to the address you would like be contacted with. 

Where to insert your email address

Then choose the appropriate timezone.

Where to change your timezone

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'Update profile' to save your changes.

Below is an example of the view of an assignment as a teacher on the left with the due date showing in PST, and on the right as a student showing the same assignment with a different timezone.

Image comparing instructor and student timezone difference