Carolyn Kristjansson, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Linguistics; Sabbatical Fall 2022

Carolyn is on Sabbatical for the Fall 2022 Semester.

Ph.D. Doctor of Philosophy in Language Education, University of British Columbia, 2004
Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language, Trinity Western  University, 1997
B.Th. Bachelor of Theology, Summit Pacific College, 1984


Second Language Acquisition, Materials Development, Teaching Supervision, English for Academic Purposes

  • Ecological Perspectives in Language Education
  • Interpersonal Dimensions of Learning Communities (F2F and Online) evidenced in Discourse
  • Influence of Teachers' and Students' Spiritual Beliefs and Values in Language Education

Awards & Honors

Conference Presentations

Conference Presentations

Recent Publications

Kristjánsson, C. (2007).  The word in the world: So to speak (a Freirean legacy).  In D. Smith & T. Osborn (eds.), Spirituality, Social Justice and Language Learning (pp. 133-153). Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing. Link

Kristjánsson, C. (2013). Inside, between, and beyond: Agency and identity in language learning. In J. Arnold & T. Murphey (eds.), Meaningful action: Earl Stevick’s influence on language teaching.  Cambridge University Press.  

Wong, M., Kristjánsson, C., & Dörnyei, Z. (eds.) (2013). Christian faith and English language teaching and learning: Research on the interrelationship of religion and ELT.  Routledge/Taylor & Francis. Link

  • Second Language Acquisition
  • Curriculum and Program Design
  • Materials Evaluation and Design
  • Internship
  • English for Academic Purposes
  • Teaching Beginners
  • Diversity in Language Education
  • e-Mentor Consultation