Daniel Lee Worden, Ph.D.

Part-time Instructor of Religious Studies and History

  • Ph.D. (University of St Andrews, Scotland--2016)
  • MAIH (Trinity Western University--2010)
  • M.Div. (Regent College)
  • B.A. (NW University)


My earlier training was in biblical studies, which focused on the Greek of the LXX and NT, as well as NT Exegesis and Biblical Theology; my later research interests and expertise are in Pre-Nicene Christianity and the history of Greek Orthodoxy in ancient Constantinople, leading up to the beginnings of Russian Christianity in Kiev-Moscow; my expertise is in the second century development of Orthodoxy and the rise of Gnostic beliefs, and especially Clement of Alexandria and Alexandrian Christianity.  I enjoy the Apostolic Fathers (AD 95-AD 157) and the Church Fathers from Justyn Martyr (AD 100-165) to St. John of Damascene (d. AD 749).  Presently, I am interested in the succession of the Popes (and Papacy) in conjunction with the Church Fathers and the rise of western European Monarchies.

Recent Publications

Worden, Daniel L.  “Clement’s Protreptikos to the Greeks: An Exhortation for Relapsed Hellenistic Believers to Return to God.”  Studia Patristica, LXXII (2014): 43-57.

Academic Presentations:

September 2012.  the 4th British Patristics Conference in Exeter, England: Clement’s Exhortation to the Greeks: A Call for Relapsed Hellenistic Christians to Return to God (2012).

February 2013.  The 3rd Annual Symposium in Honor of Georges Florovsky at Princeton Theological Seminary, Princeton, New Jersey: Clement of Alexandria and Sacred Canons (2013).

May 2014. Colloquium Clementinum in Olomouc, Czech Republic: Clement of Alexandria and the Orthos Gnostic Tradition (2014).

October 2014.  Conference on the Knowledge of God East and West at the Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv, Ukraine: Clement of Alexandria: Encyclical Studies and the Knowledge of God (2014).

November 2016.  Presented a Paper to the Academic Community at the Ukrainian Catholic University in L’viv Ukraine: The Orthodox Doctrine of the Death of Christ: Clement of Alexandria in conversation with John of Damascus, Sergii Bulgakov, and Fr. Andrew Louth (2016).

  • HIST 361 History of Christianity I
  • HIST 362 History of Christianity II
  • HIST 561 History of Christianity I
  • HIST 562 History of Christianity II
  • RELS 160 Intro to Theology
  • RELS 361 History of Christianity I
  • RELS 466 The Church Fathers

Dr. Worden has also taught at the Ukrainian Catholic University in L’viv Ukraine for the Faculty of Philosophy and Theology during the Winter-Spring of 2015 and Autumn of 2016.