Why History?

A degree in History from TWU trains graduates to be knowledgeable, thoughtful, and effective leaders.

Why History?

A degree in History from TWU trains graduates to be knowledgeable, thoughtful, and effective leaders.

As a History student at TWU, you’ll become aware of the processes of change and the development of peoples, institutions, environments, and ideas over time.

You’ll investigate how peoples and societies unfolded in response to beliefs, ideas, passions, material and social conditions.

Awareness of history is a prerequisite for informed citizenship and for understanding how to live as a person of faith in the world. Furthermore, government and business employers are becoming more concerned about understanding political issues, social problems, and public attitudes. Knowledgeable and thoughtful historians can be effective leaders in gaining and sharing an understanding of culture and, thus, making informed decisions.

TWU’s Laurentian Leadership Centre in Ottawa gives you an opportunity to study Canada’s history while also completing an internship that enables you to apply your historical skills in a government or industry setting.


  • A major in History leading to a BA (Honours) degree
  • A major leading to a BA degree
  • A concentration
  • A minor


HIST 109 • World History Since 1945

An overview of the world’s major civilizations since the last year of World War II, a period of profound global transformation marked by the Cold War, the escalation of intra-state conflicts in the wake of the Cold War, and evolving ideas of human security.

HIST 307 • Renaissance Europe

An examination of the social, intellectual, artistic, political, and economic transformations that gave rise to and followed in the wake of the “rebirth” of ancient Greek and Roman culture that began in Italy in the mid-14th century and spread to the rest of Europe over the next two hundred years.

HIST 312 • Science and Technology in Global Perspective

This course provides a survey of the history of science and technology from the ancient world to the present with particular emphasis on the early-modern and modern eras.


Graduates of our History program are able to move on to post-graduate studies in the Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Humanities integrating graduate studies in English, history, and philosophy. They are also equipped to pursue areas such as law, research, government/politics, media, teaching, as well as public history, libraries, archives, and museums.


Bachelor of Arts (BA)

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Financial Aid

Investing in your future may require some help along the way. We offer merit and need-based awards to help offset the cost of tuition. Planning early is key and we are here to help get you started.

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Admission Requirements

The admissions process at TWU is designed to be simple and convenient. Once we receive your application and transcripts, you will be contacted by your admissions counsellor within two weeks on your admittance.

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Travel Studies

Travel studies allow you to immerse yourself in a different culture. Every moment spent abroad is an opportunity to learn. TWU professors lead the courses, joined by guest speakers who provide a local perspective.

Careers in History
Students analyzing a scroll fragment

A history degree can lead students towards careers in:

  • Business
  • Government service
  • Law
  • Journalism
  • Secondary and elementary teaching
  • Non-profit sector service
  • Church ministry
  • Libraries and Archives
  • Public Relations
  • Writing and Research

Faculty Profiles

Craig Allert, Ph.D.

Professor of Religious Studies and History
Director MA in Biblical Studies
Coordinator Christianity and Culture Program

Robert Burkinshaw, Ph.D.

Professor of History (Retired)

Janet Epp Buckingham, B.A., LL.B., LL.D.

LLC Director; Professor of Political Studies and History

Steven Hicks

Sessional Assistant Professor of History

Andrew Klager, Ph.D.

Adjunct Professor of History

Romalie Murphy, Ph.D.

Part-time Instructor of History

Darren Provost, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of History, Coordinator for History

Robynne Rogers Healey, Ph.D.

Professor of History
Co-coordinator Gender Studies Minor
Co-director, Gender Studies Institute.

Bruce Shelvey, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of History and Political Studies
Environmental Historian

Daniel Lee Worden, Ph.D.

Part-time Instructor of Religious Studies and History