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My academic interests intersect between various interpretive approaches to ancient texts and biblical literature. The Bible is as fascinating as it is foundational to Western culture. Consequently, engaging what it has meant over the years makes my coffee taste that much better. My current research interests are in a socio-historical discipline called social memory theory. I have enjoyed learning this interpretive approach and applying it to old questions within biblical studies to see if new insights emerge.

One area that I am applying social memory theory to is early Christian traditions concerning the notorious traitor—Judas Iscariot. I have always been particularly fascinated by Judas in the Gospel narratives (and Jesus of course), and more generally, how villains function in the formation of a community’s collective identity. I love spending time with my beautiful wife, Kassy, and our three (mostly clean) children. When I am not busy with family, teaching or research, I enjoy playing hockey by winter, and soccer and baseball by summer. I love rain and cool weather in the summer and sunshine and hot days in the winter. Unique, I know. I also love the taste of coffee, Netflix, and the convenience of shopping on Amazon.

Research & Scholarship

  • Thesis:
    • “A Sanctuary in Time: Exploring Genesis 1’s Memory of Creation.” Supervised by Craig C. Broyles and Dirk Büchner (second reader), 2016. Link
  • Papers and International Lectures
    • “From Romans to Colossians: Making Sense of Competing Conceptions of Resurrection”
                      Social Memory Theory and Conceptions of Afterlife in Early Judaism and Christianity:
                      International Research Conference
                      May 16, 2019; Prague, Czech Republic.
    • “Colossians and Resurrection: A Pseudepigraphal Remembrance of Paul”
                      Society of Biblical Literature, Annual Meeting
                      November 18, 2018; Denver, CO.
    • “Social Memory Theory and the Quest for the Historical Jesus: Issues and Concerns”
                      University of Passau, The Prague-Passau Exchange on Social Memory
                      May 14, 2018, Passau, Germany
    • “The Social Memory Theory and Identity Constructions”
                      Charles University, Hussite Faculty Lecture
                      May 10, 2018, Prague, Czech Republic
    • “Do You Remember When … Viewing Genesis 1 as a Countermemory to Genesis 2-3.”
                      Canadian Society of Biblical Studies, Annual Meeting
                      June 29, 2016; University of Calgary, Calgary, AB
    • “A Sanctuary in Time: Genesis 1 was Added as a Countermemory by the Holiness Group.”
                      Society of Biblical Literature, Pacific Northwest Meeting
                      March 29, 2015; Marylhurst University, Portland, Oregon.
    • “A Bridge too Far: The Problem of Historiography and the Necessity for a More
      Sophisticated Historical Critical Method (or a more Tenable Postmodern Method).”
                      Society of Biblical Literature, Pacific Northwest Meeting
                      March 29, 2015; Marylhurst University, Portland, Oregon.
    • “She is Jesus: John 1:1–18 and the Function of Jesus as Logos.”
                      Society of Biblical Literature, Pacific Northwest Meeting
                      March 28, 2015; Marylhurst University, Portland, Oregon.


Ph.D. (cand.)Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic, Religious Studies. Specialization in Early Christianity, Early Judaism, and New Testament literature. Dissertation topic: Social Memory Theory and Early Christian Remembrances of Judas Iscariot;

M.A.Trinity Western University, Langley, BC., Canada (2016). Major in Biblical Studies and Hebrew Bible (Old Testament). Thesis topic: Genesis 1 and Cultural Memory.

B.A. (Hons.) Nipawin Bible College (2007). Majored in Systematic Theology and Church History.

Awards & Honors

2019–2021: Doctoral Project Grant, Grant Agency of Charles University (GA UK)

Recent Publications

  • Publications:
    • “Search the Scriptures: A Survey Of Approaches To The Use Of Scripture In The Fourth Gospel.” Pages 1–52 in Biblical Interpretation in Early Christian Gospels: The Gospel of John. Edited by Thomas R. Hatina. LNTS 310; London: T. & T. Clark International, 2020. 
    • “From Romans to Colossians: Pseudepigraphy and Competing Identities concerning Resurrection.” Social Memory Theory and Conceptions of Afterlife in Jewish and Christian Antiquity. Edited by Thomas R. Hatina and Jiri Lukes. Studies in Cultural Contexts of the Bible. Leiden: Brill, forthcoming 2021.

Affiliations & Memberships

  • Society of Biblical Literature (SBL)
  • Canadian Society of Biblical Studies (CSBS)
  • European Association of Biblical Studies (EABS)


  • Hebrew Bible/Old Testament
  • New Testament
  • Social Memory Theory
  • Myth theory
  • Early Christianity
  • Early Judaism
  • Early Christian Traditions of Judas
  • Early Christian Pseudepigraphy

Courses Taught

  • RELS 101 Introduction to Old Testament Studies
  • RELS 102 Introduction to New Testament Studies