Yonghua Ge, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of ACTS

Dr. Ge has a passion to develop leaders and educators who are theologically equipped and committed to the church in China and around the world. His education has spanned the globe, from Shanghai to Cambridge, from Toledo to Vancouver. One of his key academic interests is the doctrine of creation and its relation to medieval theology and ancient Chinese philosophy.

BSc in Physics - Fudan University

MSE in Physics - University of Toledo

MCS in Interdisciplinary Studies (Philosophy and Theology) - Regent College

MPhil in Christian Theology - University of Cambridge

PhD (Christian Theology and Philosophy of Religion) - University of Cambridge

Research Interests:

Doctrine of Creation(基督教创造论)
Augustine (奥古斯丁)
Aquinas and Medieval Theology/Philosophy
Science and Religion(科学与宗教)
Intercultural Philosophy(跨文化哲学)

Affiliations & Memberships

Faraday Associate, Faraday Institute for Science and Religion, University of Cambridge
Editorial Board, Regent Review of Christian Thought (《基督教思想评论》编委)
Reviewer for Sino-Christian Studies (中原大学《汉语基督教学术评论》评委)