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Inclusive Excellence

Welcoming diversity, promoting inclusion, and equipping a unified TWU community.

Our goal is to promote a consistent atmosphere of inclusion and belonging at TWU by establishing a shared commitment to diversity and equity founded in the truth of the gospel.

The purpose of the Office of Inclusive Excellence is to address issues of inequity and facilitate collaboration across the institution, promoting a University culture of Christlike love and grace for everyone. Since we are called to love our neighbour, we encourage both individuals and the TWU community to follow Christ in demonstrating love for those who are marginalized, vulnerable, and oppressed. We imagine and strive towards a “beloved community” where dignity, respect, and honour are restored, creating an environment for all to flourish. 

Our Approach

In our pursuit of beloved community, we privilege listening and learning from all. “Bearing one another’s burdens” is a part and parcel of what it means to love Christ (Galatians 6:2). Accordingly, by engaging in truthful discussion as we address both interpersonal and systemic discrimination, we ensure the University remains a respectful learning environment and workplace for students, staff, and faculty. Nurturing this kind of environment will build our capacity to equip the TWU community to navigate new situations and develop leaders capable of creating meaningful change in a global society. 

Our team is stewarding this commitment through collaborative work across the TWU community, developing an interconnected system to holistically integrate inclusion in every area of the University. We desire each person to recognize how the Triune God sees and loves them. As a team, we value and affirm the dignity, value, and potential of every member of our community.

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“The first service one owes to others in the community involves listening to them. Just as our love for God begins with listening to God’s Word, the beginning of love for other Christians is learning to listen to them. God’s love for us is shown by the fact that God not only gives us God’s Word, but also lends us God’s ear. We do God’s work for our brothers and sisters when we learn to listen to them.”

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