Year Course ID Course
2021-2022 POLS 391

Canadian Governmental Leadership

"‹"‹In the setting of the historical Booth Mansion in Ottawa, students are invited to explore the history of Canadian political leadership. Using the historical method, including research in primary sources, they will evaluate the leadership of Canadian Prime Ministers and examine how they addressed the needs and crises of the nation. By means of their enquiries into Canada's political leadership, students will develop their own theories of effective leadership.

Course Credits: 3
Prerequisite(s): Admission into Laurentian Leadership Centre.
Cross-listed: HIST 391; SOCI 391
2021-2022 POLS 392

Ethics and Public Affairs

The philosophical basis for and nature of ethical decision-making. Recent and contemporary ethical issues facing leaders in the political, business, and communication fields. Students observe how leaders engage ethical dilemmas in the Ottawa setting of their discipline.

Course Credits: 3
Prerequisite(s): Admission into 316 Laurentian Leadership Centre
Cross-listed: SOCI 392
2021-2022 POLS 493

Law, Public Policy, and Cultural Change

This course will provide students with theoretical and practical frameworks in the areas of law and public policy to engage with social and global issues. Students will explore the intersection of law, politics and culture in the setting of Canada's capital. Students will critique culture and identify positive ways Christians engage and shape culture, particularly in public policy and law. They will explore how law and public policy are developed through observing courts and Parliament in action. Students will identify a critical problem in society and suggest ways to resolve this problem through law and public policy that is consistent with core Christian beliefs.

Course Credits: 3
Prerequisite(s): 3rd or 4th year standing.
Cross-listed: IDIS 493