Academic assistance for students with a documented disability is primarily directed toward supporting students in ways that give them "a level playing field” while, at the same time, ensuring academic integrity.

Once a student and the Director of Accessible Learning have completed the process to determine that academic accommodations are required, the next step is to identify and agree upon the accommodations that will address/reduce/remove the specific challenges/barriers posed by the student’s disability.

Determining Accommodations

The types of factors that are considered when determining appropriate and reasonable accommodations are:

  • Documentation and recommendations from appropriate specialists.
  • Historical information.
  • Need as reported by student.
  • Course or program requirements.

Each factor is carefully considered and evaluated in terms of TWU's equitable access policy for students with disabilities.

Types of Accommodations

Available accommodations fall under two broad categories—environmental and learning—and include, but are not limited to, the following types of provisions:


  • Accessible tables and chairs.
  • Classroom seating arrangement.
  • Parking accessibility.
  • Technology and equipment support.
  • Writing exams in a quiet and distraction-reduced setting.


  • Course materials in alternate forms.
  • Reduced course load.
  • Class notes.
  • Recording.
  • Use of technological support (i.e. computer, educational software applications, spell check, calculator).
  • Exam accommodations (i.e. extra time, use of technological support, write exams in the Centre for Accessible Learning (CAL).

When accommodations are established 

Once accommodations have been put in place, it is the responsibility of the student to show that they understand course material and can fulfill course requirements. Accommodations help provide students with documented disabilities equal access to the learning environment but are always developed in a manner consistent with TWU’s value of integrity in academic standards.

Accommodation review

Accommodations are reviewed as to ongoing appropriateness each school year. Students are welcome to meet with the Director of Accessible Learning for discussion regarding accommodations before, or at the beginning of, each semester and, should a need arise, during the semester.