Four students walking in Ottawa at the Laurentian Leadership Centre (LLC).

Laurentian Leadership Centre

Spend an unforgettable semester studying and interning in the heart of Canada's capital.

Why the Laurentian Leadership Centre?

The Laurentian Leadership Centre (LLC) is a live-in extension program in the heart of Ottawa. There is no other program in Canada that offers the same access to a variety of elite internships in Ottawa in a wide range of workplaces including politics, advocacy organizations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), media organizations, and private sector firms.

The program includes an internship, three upper-level courses, and community living in a historic mansion. It is geared towards third- and fourth-year students or recent graduates interested in growing in community as emerging Christian leaders as they transition from academia to the public square. The LLC runs in the fall and spring semesters and is open to students of all majors.

What We Offer:

  • A Certificate in Leadership and Applied Public Affairs
  • Elite internships in Ottawa in a wide range of workplaces so students can pursue their passions and interests 
  • Three upper-level courses designed to fit core requirements for all majors
  • Professional work experience
  • Vibrant Christian community life in the Canada’s national capital
  • A program under consent from the Ontario Minister of Colleges and Universities

Alumni Perspective

“The Laurentian Leadership Centre internship program was a defining four months in determining my future career. It taught me essential and practical professional skills and opened myself to a world of professional contacts that I remain in touch with to this day. As Canada’s capital, Ottawa is the epicentre of major decisions on the economy, social programs, and foreign affairs. Every major trade association, company, and non-profit has an important footprint in the city and LLC is incredibly well placed to connect students to a professional network and world that students at other universities just don’t have the same access to. More than a decade removed from my internship, it’s obvious how well esteemed and thought of Laurentian Leadership Centre students and graduates are.”

- Evan Menzies, 2010

“The LLC is for you if you want to get thrown into a new experience where you learn alongside peers in a safe environment, live in a mansion in the nation’s capital, and make amazing friends. Be ready to grow in the best of ways.”

- Hannah Goertzen, Business Major, 2018

“It’s an amazing networking opportunity, it gives you work experience you can get only in Ottawa, and you get to live in a mansion with a bunch of friends."

- Josiah Barkowsky, Corporate Communications, 2020

“I expected the LLC to be a couple of classes, a cool building, and a challenging internship. What I did not anticipate was the amazing community I was welcomed into. I was surrounded by my fellow interns, the LLC staff and professors, LLC alumni, and the amazing office I was placed in. This network of people provided constant support and encouragement through every aspect of life at the LLC. And now, even after graduating from the LLC, their support and investment in me have only increased.”

- Abby Creach, Political Science and Biblical Studies Major, 2023