To apply to the LLC, undergraduate students must have at least 60 semester hours with a minimum average GPA of 2.75. BA Leadership (International) students should consult their advisor to determine the best semester to apply for the LLC program.

Undergraduate or graduate students enrolled in a university or college that is a member of Universities Canada or CHEC may apply to the LLC certificate program as a visiting student. Visiting students will be students of Trinity Western University for their semester at the LLC. It is up to the student to determine in advance if the courses will be transferable to their home institution. Students should obtain a letter of permission from their home institution to ensure transferability of part or all of the course credits.

Three criteria are used to evaluate admission to the LLC:

  • Academic record
  • Demonstrated commitment to and compatibility with a living/learning community
  • Leadership experience

Required prerequisite course:

Trinity Western University’s POLS 234: Introduction to Canadian Government and Politics; BUSI 245 (if you are a BUSI major); or an approved equivalent course that gives a foundation for understanding the Canadian government system.

Application deadlines: February 15. Students will be admitted for the Fall (September to December) and Spring (January to April) semesters in late February. A “top up” application will be available for the Spring semester. That deadline is October 15 of the semester prior to that Spring semester.

apply now

To apply, you must submit an application online at This is the main application portal for TWU. If you are a TWU student, you can use your regular username and password. If you are a visiting student, please create a username and password. You can save your partially completed application and go back on the website to complete it at a later time.

Application Components:

  1. An online application (completed by you). Choose “Laurentian Leadership Centre” in the drop-down menu.
  2. Email addresses of two Academic References (to be completed by professors who know you).
  3. Email address for a Personal/Character Reference. (This should be completed by a pastor or family friend who knows you personally as a mentor. It should not be a fellow student unless that person is your RA.)
  4. Resumé (which must be attached at the end of your application).
  5. Unofficial Academic Transcript(s) (for transcripts other than TWU transcripts).
  6. Academic writing sample. (Attach a paper that you are proud of at the end of your application.)

Please contact if you have any questions about the application process or requirements.

Accessibility: The Laurentian Leadership Centre is committed to ensuring that our building is accessible to persons with disabilities. Students should contact the office for The Centre for Accessible Learning. Conference guests, please see LLC Conference and Event Rentals.