Academic Coaching

An academic coach helps you develop awareness and practice reflection on your learning experiences and strategies.

Meet with an academic coach for topics such as time management, coping with stress, motivation, study strategies, test-taking strategies, and more. An academic coach can also help you build a learning plan when you need to catch up or keep up with the demands of your semester.

Students can have up to three 30-minute sessions per semester at no cost. For focused weekly coaching sessions, go to your add/drop section and register for SKLS 003. There is a fee of $500.

To book an appointment with an Academic Coach, click here. Remember to use your mytwu email address.

Every semester we offer a Study Skills course to help students gain a greater awareness of what it takes to face the rigors of university academics.

Topics include:

  • Time management
  • Note-taking
  • Effective reading
  • Memory techniques
  • Test-taking
  • Procrastination and goal setting
  • Critical thinking

SKLS 001 is open to all students and is offered in the fall and spring semesters. The cost of Study Skills is $195. Just register in the same way you register for your other courses.

Download these templates to help you organize a weekly study plan as well as an overview of all your assignments.

Weekly Schedule

Semester Snapshot (Spring 2024)