Learning Community One

Equipping you for a strong start.

Learning Community One (LC1) is a cohort-based, supportive first year at TWU.

You might be admitted into LC1 in order to qualify for admission, or you might choose the program for a supportive start. Studying in a cohort helps you get to know your classmates well and become a community together. Sharing some common classes also means you have a similar schedule and can plan study times together, carpool, or arrange group projects more easily.

Your First Year

At TWU, your “year” is defined by how many semester hours (s.h.) you take. To complete your first year, enroll in 28 s.h. To be a full-time student, take 13 s.h. in your first semester. In your second semester, you can choose 12 s.h. (4 courses) or 15 s.h. (5 courses). If you choose a lighter load, you can complete your final course in the summer. Your LC1 academic advisor will help you choose your courses and your workload. If you prefer to take LC1 parttime, you will complete the program when you have taken a total of 28 s.h.

Your Classes

You will take cohort classes together. These classes will be from TWU’s liberal arts core, so they will work with every major. You will also get started with the first classes in your major. If you haven’t chosen a major, this is a great opportunity to explore. Your academic advisors will help you choose and schedule your classes.

Your LC1 Team

Throughout the year, your LC1 Team is there for you. You will have an academic coach who will meet with you every week to help you identify and develop strong academic skills. Your academic advisor will work with you to find ways for you to thrive at TWU.

Progressing & Completing LC1

At the end of your first semester, your LC1 team will review grades and chat with you about your progress. You have completed the LC1 program and are eligible to continue studying at TWU when you have completed 25 s.h., you don’t have more than 2 “Fs”, your cumulative GPA is at least 2.0 (a C average), and you have passed the study skills and coaching classes. For those who are qualifying to be accepted to TWU by completing the LC1 program, successful completion allows you the opportunity to continue to study toward a degree at TWU. You’ve got this!