Who must write the MA Non-Thesis Comprehensive Exam (MANTCE)?

Every student, who has received CPSY Program approval to pursue the non-thesis track of the MA Counselling Psychology program, is required to write the MANTCE, CPSY 640 (3 credit course).

How do I know if I am eligible to write the MANTCE?

You must take the exam in your final semester of study which means that all course work has been completed prior to, or within, the semester in which the MANTCE is to be taken. In addition, CPSY 691 (Internship I), must have been successfully completed with a ā€œPā€ on your transcript prior to writing the MANTCE. If you wish to delay taking the exam, speak to your advisor regarding your intentions.

How do I register for this exam?

You must register online or in person at Enrolment Services for CPSY 640 prior to writing the exam.

What kind of test is it?

The 72-hour take-home-test is usually administered over the weekend from Friday to Monday. The exam consists of questions integrating the professional practice of counselling psychology within case senarios and questions addressing the ethical and legal practice of the profession.

What compentencies are you looking for?

In the first section, you will be asked to answer two (2) out of four (4) questions relating to the practice of counselling. For example, you may be asked questions to apply certain theories of counselling to a particular counsellor problem. You may be asked to respond to questions about psychopathology, evidence-based treatment recommendation, and evaluation of counselling outcomes. You may also be asked questions that pertain to career counselling, or counselling in a school, youth, adult, couples, or family agency setting. In other words, be prepared to comprehensively answer questions that come from your coursework and experience in field placements.

In the second section, you will be asked to answer two (2) out of four (4) questions relating to the applied ethics of counselling. You will be given a scenario and then be asked questions about the scenario. This requires you to examine the dilemma, reflect upon it using a decision-making matrix, make an ethical decision, and provide the rationale for your decision.

Do I have to pick up the test in person or can I send a designate?

You must appear in person unless you have submitted your request in writing to the CPSY Program Committee prior to the exam date and received approval from the Committee.

What happens if unforeseen circumstances prevent me from returning the exam on time?

The exam is time sensitive and will be date/time stamped at the exact hour/minute you receive it. The exam must be returned at or before the time recorded on the test booklet.

Late returns will receive an automatic failure. In the event of extenuating circumstances, which may prevent you from returning the exam on time (i.e. accident, sudden medical emergency), it's your responsibility to provide a written request (including supporting documents)for consideration by the Committee.

When is the MANTCE exam offered?

The MANTCE is offered once each semester (including summer semester)on a date determined by the Committee.

Can I re-write the exam if I do not pass on my first attempt? Do I need to pay again?

Yes, you will be permitted to re-write the exam in the same semester at no extra charge. The date of re-writing will be determined by the Committee.

If you fail at both of these attempts, an "F" will appear on your transcript. You will be permitted to register for the next MANTCE exam in the subsequent semester. If you fail that exam, you will also be permitted to re-write a new MANTCE one more time within that same semester. If you fail that attempt (4th time), you will receive another "F" on your transcript and be de-registered from the program.

How can I fail this exam?

Heed this wise advice: You can fail this exam by not organizing your life to allow for 72-hours of uninterrupted time, including time to eat and rest. You can also fail this exam by not answering the questions comprehensively. Do not leave any details out. Do not assume that the faculty markers will know what you are talking about or connect the dots for you. Answer the questions fully! You can also fail this exam by failing to leave enough time to print your responses, or not leaving enough time for making alternate arrangements if there is a problem.

What happens if the exam is cancelled due to weather or university closure?

For university status, please monitor TWU campus conditions. Check this site frequently for updates. In the even of a closure on Friday or Monday when you are to receive or return your MANTCE exam, please follow these steps:

  • If TWU is closed for the entire day on Friday, you will not be permitted to pick up the exam. You should be prepared to write your test the following Friday with a Monday return. You are strongly advised to keep both weekends open.
  • If TWU is closed for the entire day on Monday, you will not be expected to return your exam until Tuesday, no later than 10:00 am.
  • If TWU is closed for only a certain time period during the day (i.e 8;00 am-noon) re-opening after the noon hour, you must pick up/return your exam during the open time before 4:00 pm.
  • The responsibility remains with you to monitor university open hours to ensure your timely response to both pick-up and return of MANTCE maintaining the 72-hour window.

May I seek advice or assistance from my advisor other faculty or fellow students?

To keep faith with the students who have already written the exam, your advisors and professors will not give you any additional information over and above these instructions. Please do not ask for more information, however, feel free to confirm your understanding of these directions with your advisor and other program faculty.

I work on Monday. May I return my exam earlier, like Sunday evening?

We appreciate that taking this exam schedule may require an inconvenient adjustment with your work schedule. That's true for virtually everyone taking the exam. However, it is your responsibility to make whatever arrangements are necessary to complete this exam within the designated time frame. We find that success is related to setting aside the time and appropriate working space for such a broadly comprehensive exam.