We’re here to answer all your questions!

To save you time, we’ve compiled some of the most frequently asked questions that students ask us in the Learning Commons. We’ve covered a range of issues including how to find your Advisor, how to get help from a Career Counsellor, and how to book an online session with a Writing Tutor. 

If you can’t find an answer to your question then please contact us by email learningcommons@twu.ca or use the Live Chat on this web page. We will be back in touch as quickly as we can!

The Learning Commons

What is the Learning Commons?

The Learning Commons is here to support you with all your academic needs. Our job is to welcome you into TWU learning community and to guide and help you accelerate your learning. Our desire is that all TWU students graduate from TWU and use their newfound knowledge and gifts to positively impact God’s world.​ 

Who can use the Learning Commons?

The Learning Commons is open to all from undergraduate to graduate and from all campuses!

How can I get a job in the LC?

You can apply to be a Writing Tutor or Supplemental Instructor to help students with specific classes and subjects. For more information about how to become a Writing Tutor, visit https://www.twu.ca/writing-centre/staff/be-writing-coach. To apply for an SI position email susanne.driedger@twu.ca to learn more.  

Academic Advising

How do I find out who my Academic Advisor is?

Go to your Student Portal. Click on Change of Major/Advisor and your Advisor and their email address will be listed under the Degree Information section. Can’t find what you need – contact learningcommons@twu.ca

When is the add/drop deadline?

You can find this and other important dates at www.twu.ca/registrar

Where can I find my program checklists?

All the checklists are available here.

I’m still deciding what to study, is that OK?

Yes! Many students explore options for majors up to and including semester three. Why not book and see our Career Counsellor, Joelle Turner, who is an expert in helping students thinking through their options. You can sign up online for an appointment with Joelle.

I can’t register for courses. What do I do?

Don’t panic! There may be a hold on your account. Visit the Registrar’s office help desk or call 604-513-2070.  

How do I know if I have enough upper level credits or enough credits to fulfil my major?

Your Program Checklist and your Course Needs Advising Sheet will give you a breakdown of all your credit requirements and if they have been met to complete your degree. To access Course Needs, go to the Student Portal, and click on the Course Needs link. If you have any questions arrange a meeting with your Academic Advisor.

How do I drop a class?

Up until the add/drop deadline, you simply go into your course registration to add or drop courses. After the deadline though, you need to contact the Office of the Registrar and request the Add/Drop form.  After the add/drop deadline courses are subject to a portion of tuition being forfeited.

How can I change my major, add a minor, add a concentration?

Watch this video for information on How to Change Major, etc.

Can I see an LC Academic Advisor if I already am assigned to an Academic Advisor in my discipline?

Start by making every attempt to see your Advisor as you have been connected to them for a good reason – they are experts in your field of study. If you don’t remember who your Advisor is then check here. If no response then please reach out to us and we can help to reconnect you.

Centre for Accessible Learning (CAL)

What assistance can I receive if I have a documented disability?

Accommodations are individualized and if appropriate could include, course materials in alternate forms, reduced course load, class notes, use of technological support, exam accommodations, accessible tables and chairs, classroom seating arrangement, parking accessibility and technology and equipment support .

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Who do I need to contact to discuss my needs?

Dave Stinson, Director of the Learning Commons and Accessible Learning. 

What information do I need to provide?

Documentation and recommendations from appropriate specialists. 

What if I don’t have documentation?

If you have not been able to receive or update your documentation due to COVID-19, for the time being, Dave Stinson will review all documents that help identify your disability, with a view to providing temporary accommodations. 

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Learning Coaching (Richmond)

How do I book an appointment?

You will be assigned a regular Learning Coach for your terms in WRTG 101 and ENGL 101. You must use your mytwu.ca email to sign up in the new system and locate your coach’s schedule and choose an available time that fits your schedule.

How many appointments can I make in a week?

You must attend at least one per week to qualify for full participation marks and can book a second appointment if you need extra help with worksheets and tasks for WRTG 101 and ENGL 101 or help with another course assignment.

Can I get extra help if I need it?

Yes, there will be workshops available to help you with certain assignments or if your instructors notice you have certain issues or struggles with assignments or completing assignments.

Do I need to sign a Learning Coach contract?

Yes, the contract is required by your Instructor and will make your responsibilities and the role of the coach clearer for you! It may also answer some of the FAQ’s!

Can I get help with other courses?

The focus of the coaches is to help you complete your weekly worksheets and tasks for WRTG 101 and ENGL 101 but you can book for help with assignments for other classes.

Can I book 2 appointments on the same day?

No, try to book one early in the week and the other midweek or later. If you get extra help for a task or worksheet complete the worksheet or task and get it checked later in the week for your full participation marks. Do not book 2 appointments in a row or back to back on the same day!

How do I get the maximum mark for the term for my Learning Coach mark?

It is important to try the work yourself and if you need help, sign up for help with questions. If you attempt to complete the work and mostly complete it you will receive full marks. If you do not try the work and or complete only half of it you will not receive full marks. If you are confused about how to begin the worksheet or task, you can get help and complete it for later in the week.

Can I talk to my coach about scheduling challenges?

Yes, if you are taking extra classes or working part time and have difficulty finding a time that fits your schedule, then talk to your coach about finding alternative times that would work for you.

Who can I contact if I have not heard from my Learning Coach or have general questions about the program?

Please feel free to email Joshua Park the Director of the Learning Commons in Richmond at Joshua.Park@twu.ca about all general inquiries and concerns!

Peer Tutors

How do I find a tutor for __insert course__?

Great question! We have Peer Tutors (Supplemental Instructors) for PHIL 105, BUS 176, BUS 275, Calculus 123. We also have Peer Tutors for a selection of ENG103 and WRTG100 courses. For all other courses, we recommend that you ask your Professor.

How can I become a tutor for __insert course___? What are the requirements?

Every semester we hire peer tutors for the Writing Centre and for courses that students find especially challenging. Find out more here.

What do Peer Tutors do?

Peer Tutors are students who have done really well in a course that many students have found difficult. They facilitate weekly sessions to help students understand the material. They don’t re-teach the material but help students overcome barriers to their learning.

Do I have to pay for the tutor? If so, what does it cost?

No! Our Peer tutors for courses and the Writing Centre are free!

Personal & Career Development

How do I book an appointment to see a Career Counsellor?

Appointments are booked online.

How can I find out what jobs my major will prepare me for?

Great question! Why not start here – https://whatcanidowiththismajor.com/major - and then book an appointment to talk it through.

How do I find out about TWU student jobs?

Career Connect is an online job board where employers post jobs for TWU students.

How can I get help with my resume?

Start with this service – resume.com – and build your resume in minutes!

Do I have to pay to see a Career Counsellor?

No! Seeing a Career Counsellor is free to TWU students and alumni.

What is 10,000 Coffees?

10,000 Coffees is an online networking platform that matches TWU students with alumni based on their interests and career goals. Sign up here.

Success Coaching

What can Success Coaches help me with?

Our Success Coaches can help you improve their academic performance based on your specific needs. We can help you: 

  • discover how you learn best 
  • motivate yourself for success 
  • create a strategic academic plan 
  • incorporate productive habits for time management, research & writing, and exam preparation 
  • embrace accountability 

 And more!

Can anyone see a Success Coach?

Yes! Success Coaching is open to ALL students in the Fall and Spring semesters.

It's free for a single session – just book an appointment here. To benefit from coaching for the semester, register for SKLS 003 ($500) in your Student Portal.

How do I book a drop-in appointment with a Success Coach?

It’s easy! Book appointments here.

What are study skills?

Study Skills is a 0 credit class offered to students to increase their awareness of what it takes to face the rigors of university academics. Students discover and are encouraged to implement study strategies that work for their individual preferences to enhance their academic achievement.  

Who can take study skills?

Study Skills 001 is open to all students and is offered in the fall and spring semesters. The cost of Study Skills 001 is $195. 

How do I register for study skills?

You can register for study skills in the student portal just like your other courses, using the course code SKLS 001. 


What is WriteAway?

WriteAway provides free writing feedback within 48 hours for undergrads. Find out more here.

How do I book an appointment with someone to help me with my writing assignment?

Go here. Any problems, then go here.

Can I book an appointment if my essay isn’t finished?

For sure! We are here to help you at all stages of your writing process. If you want to just talk about your paper, we are happy to meet with you. Book a time here.

How do I get an online session with a writing coach?

Click on your booked appointment. Then, click “Start or join online consultation.” 

What if all the appointments are full when I’ve available?

You can join the waiting list by clicking under the day you are free and adding your name to the wait list. You will get an email or text if someone cancels. 

Why am I locked out of my account to book an appointment?

After three no show appointments, we want to find out what happening! Contact us  writingcentre@twu.ca to let us know how we can help and will re-enable your account. Please cancel your appointments in advance.

How do I find the handout the Writing Coach mentioned in our session?

Great question! Our writing resources are located here.