We have some amazing Peer Tutors working in the Learning Commons this year who are ready to meet you!

Peer Tutors are students with expertise in a particular skill or course. These students receive additional training to become Tutors in the Learning Commons. They play an essential role in supporting students in achieving their academic goals. In 2019-2020, they carried out over 1,000 sessions in-person and online. They are looking forward to meeting you!

We have two types of Peer Tutors. The first type specializes in a particular skill like Writing – find out more about our Writing Tutors here. These tutors provide individual appointments to talk about your assignments at any stage along the way. Click here to book an appointment

The second type are experts in a particular course. These Peer Tutors (previously called Supplemental Instructors) are students who excelled in a course that many others have found challenging – find out more about our Tutors here. They hold weekly group sessions designed to cover important topics and answer any questions (see their Schedule for Fall 2020). They are also available to help with individual appointments. This a completely option, voluntary and free service that is offered to ALL students. Everyone is welcome.

We encourage you to book an appointment with a Writing Tutor and find out if there is Peer Tutor supporting your course. We know that students who attend these sessions see significant benefits including new skills, knowledge, and higher grades.

Meet our Team