Global Outreach

Short-Term Missions for Long-Term Transformation

In Global Outreach we desire to do short-term missions for long-term transformation. Our mission is to develop spiritually maturing disciples of Jesus Christ who do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with God. We do this by equipping students to lead and participate in life-transforming short-term mission trips and by connecting them to local and global opportunities through Missions Week. Our vision is the kingdom of God: students and host communities alike passionately bearing witness to the gospel, embodying justice, mercy, and humility. 

As part of a quality Global Outreach trip, participants will consider the questions of justice: WHY did things get to be this way, and why are we participating in God’s mission; mercy: WHO are we becoming, and who are we called to love; and humility: HOW can we help without hurting, and how do we follow and obey God? After the trip is over, participants will be challenged to identify one next step they can take as a result of all that they have learned.  

Global Outreach, May – June Trips

Every summer Global Outreach sends teams of students to participate in cross-cultural community development and missional service-learning projects. While the actual trips range from 2-8 weeks each summer, Global Outreach embraces a Before-During-After philosophy of short-term missions. This means that the whole summer program lasts from January-October as you meet with all the other summer teams to help you prepare before you leave and process after you come back. You should think of the summer program more in terms of a discipleship journey rather than just an opportunity for summer travel. Participating with the Global Outreach will stretch and challenge you: you will be given the opportunity to never be the same again! 

Global Outreach Locations

Indigenous Service-Learning: Fort Babine (Northern B.C.)

Live, serve, and learn for a month in the Indigenous community of Fort Babine in Northern BC with the Streetcorners Ministries. Create and sustain relationships with the community and elders who will love you like family and who desire to share their beautiful culture with you. The people of Fort Babine are part of the Wit'at Nation and have had close relationships with TWU students for over 30 years.

“It was an absolute honor to be invited to live and serve in this incredible community with this team. This place and these people will always hold a very special place in my heart.”
- Sarah Grace, Fort Babine Team Member

Youth Development: Indonesia

Engage and build relationships with youth, help run a teen camp, and serve and learn in partnership with the Youth Development Program of the ICA Church in Surabaya, Indonesia. The youth involved with the church have had a close relationship with TWU for the past three years through online friendship clubs and past teams. 

Work alongside this ministry that focuses on raising up young leaders from underprivileged families, empowering them to make a Godly impact in their community!

“I have been blessed with meeting so many new friends that turned into my family. As soon as we arrived we all instantly opened up as if we’d known each other all along.”
- Kylah Mae, Indonesia Team Member

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