Daily Parking Passes

Pay by Phone

Pay by Phone is available as an option to purchase your parking passes on campus.

Download the app or visit paybyphone.com and follow these simple steps to pay for your parking:

  1. Enter your location #
  2. Enter your parking duration
  3. Choose your payment method

Parking Machine details


30 min $1.50
1 hour $2.75
2 hours  $4.00
3 hours  $5.00
5 hours  $6.00
12 hours  $8.00
  • For weekly/monthly passes using the parking machines, please visit the Welcome Centre for more information
  • Parking Meter Kiosks are located at the locations around campus. Campus Map
  • Dispensers accept coins, Visa and MasterCard. Be sure to have exact change as the dispensers do not give change.
  • If any particular dispenser is malfunctioning, the driver MUST seek the next available working dispenser to purchase their parking dispenser ticket.
  • A claim that a dispenser was not working is no defense to a parking violation for parking without a valid dispenser ticket.