Restrictions and Enforcement

  • Campus Parking Guidelines are enforced campus-wide all year round, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. All parking on campus is pay parking only. The RCMP in cooperation with Security and Parking Services enforces the Motor Vehicle Act on campus.
  • Staff, faculty, residents, commuters, service vehicles and all visitors to TWU must purchase parking.
  • Drivers must park in the lot for which their permit or dispenser ticket is designated.
  • Certain parking spaces at the university are designated Reserved Parking and are intended for the use for which they are reserved (ie. fire lane, resident staff reserved spaces, Robson Underground lot, Community Life, Student Life, Resident lots, etc). Parking in a reserved spot is subject to a mandatory non-appealable fine.
  • No parking on roadways or driving on the sidewalks or grass for any reason (with the exception of authorized service vehicles). Parking is allowed in marked spaces only and in those areas authorizing specific permits.
  • Maximum speed in parking lot areas is 15 km/h, elsewhere on campus is 30 km/h.
  • Making a delivery, lack of convenient parking spaces, being late for class, appointments, exams, etc. are not considered to be valid excuses for violation of any parking guideline.
  • No parking in a fire lane ($100.00 fine for violation - non-appealable)
  • No parking in a Handicapped parking space unless with a valid Handicap permit ($100.00 fine for violation non-appealable)
  • No parking in the Robson Underground or reserved resident parking unless you are displaying the correct permit ($75.00 fine for violation non-appealable)
  • Tow-away Security reserves the right to tow any vehicle obstructing the flow of traffic, obstructing a marked construction or work zone, causing a noise disturbance or occupying a reserved space without authority.
  • No overnight parking (except by residents with 'R' permits, and commuters with 'C' permits who purchased a valid 24h dispenser ticket)
  • Summer storage of vehicles is not permitted
  • No parking of any uninsured vehicle on campus
  • No living or camping in any vehicle on campus ($75.00 fine for violation non-appealable)
  • Any vehicle parked in contravention of the Parking Guidelines may be removed at the risk and expense of the owner/operator.
  • Any vehicle parked in contravention of the Parking Guidelines may be removed at the risk and expense of the owner/operator.
  • Notes left in vehicles will NOT be considered in lieu of paying for parking.


If You Receive a Parking Violation:

  • Any violation ticket issued to your vehicle is your responsibility to pay.
  • A violation ticket issued for parking in a Fire Lane or a Handicapped Spot is a mandatory $100.00 non-appealable fine.
  • A violation ticket issued for parking in the Robson Underground lot and not having the required RU permit is a mandatory $75.00 non-appealable fine.
  • A violation ticket issued for living or camping in your vehicle on campus is a mandatory $75.00 non-appealable fine.
  • Resident lots are 24 hour reserved lots and subject to a non-appealable $75.00 fine.
  • Mattson Centre Parking requires vehicles to display a one hour valid parking ticket or a Mattson Centre complimentary pass. Parking tickets can be purchased at the parking dispenser near the flag pole. See the receptionist in Mattson Centre for a complimentary pass.
  • All other violations are a $75.00 fine for each offense. If the parking ticket (with the white copy) is received with payment within seven (7) days of issue date, the cost of the fine will be reduced by $25.00 for a total of $50.00.
  • Motor Vehicle Search (to determine ownership of the vehicle). A search fee of $25.00 to locate ownership will be charged in addition to fine amount.
  • If three or more tickets have been issued a wheel lock fine of $200.00 will need to be paid before the wheel lock is to be taken off. 

How to Pay a Parking Violation

Present white ticket plus payment to Parking Services in the Welcome Centre.

How to Pay After Hours

Ticket plus payment can be placed in a sealed envelope and dropped off at the Welcome Center with Parking Services clearly addressed on the outside of the envelope.

If the postmark on a mailed payment is within the 7 day limit, payment will be accepted as $50.00. Make payment to:

Trinity Western University
Attention: Parking Services
Welcome Centre
22500 University Drive
Langley, B.C. V2Y 1Y1

Parking Violation Appeals

  • You may challenge or appeal certain violations within seven (7) calendar days of issuance. After 7 calendar days, the violation is non-appealable.
  • Appeals will not be accepted for mandatory $100.00 fines.
  • Appeals must be made in writing and on special TWU appeal forms. Appeal forms may be obtained at Parking Services in the Welcome Centre building or online under "Forms" and brought in or emailed as an attachment to
  • Restrictions and Enforcement which outlines the Campus Parking rules and regulations. This will be the guidelines for the appeal process.
  • Listed below are examples of parking violation appeals that have been denied:
    • Parking on a yellow curb
    • Parking permit not displayed
    • Illegal parking
  • In addition, the following reasons are not considered grounds for an appeal of a parking violation:
    • "Others were parked there, and did not receive tickets."
    • "I was just running in to drop something off."
    • "I couldn’t find any other spots and I was running late."
    • "I didn’t know I couldn’t park there."
    • "I paid lots of money for a parking permit and I should be able to park wherever I want."
  • Cancellation of a violation will be at the discretion of Parking Services only.