Grade 5 - Ecosystems

Ecosystems and Human Impact

"Science in the Valley: Ecosystems" is a full day, environment-based curriculum designed to complement and build on concepts students are already learning in the classroom. Developed with life science learning and objectives for students in Grade 5, the program offers students a chance to explore and appreciate their natural surroundings. Students will develop a better understanding of salmon habitat, environment, and human impact, renewable and re-useable resources.

Students will spend their day, (9:30-2:00), in TWU's Ecosystem Study Area (ESA)—27-acres dedicated to the study, preservation, and proper management of the environment. This valuable area of diverse and sensitive habitat contains part of the Salmon River, a large pond, several tributaries, and a second-growth forest. The area is maintained and studied by TWU students, faculty, and staff, and will be the main location for the hands-on learning your students will be doing. Much of the day will be outside; regardless of the weather, so please dress appropriately.

Under the dynamic instruction of Teacher Assistants, who are trained guides, your class can look forward to a guided forest walk, water quality testing, aquatic invertebrate sampling, plant and animal identification and salmon habitat exploration through fun learning-based games.

We will provide your students with their field guide.

All attendees need to bring: a large zip-lock bag, pencil, lunch, snack, water bottle, boots and weather appropriate clothing.

“Science in the Valley: Ecosystems and Human Impact” is partially funded by Salmon River Enhancement Society (SRES).