Grab your headlamp and helmet it is time to go underground!

Caving is a fantastic and unique experience. Explore a series of caves and that will challenge you as much as you are willing. Some caves you can stand in while others require crawling and squeezing! Experience sitting in pitch black contrasted with lighting the way. Be prepared to get filthy, wet, muddy, and have a blast! We offer 2 caving locations, choose your adventure!

Chipmunk Caves: This program is an intro-to-caving experience with 4 short and sweet, caves to explore for a total of 135meters of crawling, scooting, and climbing. It is estimated the caves were originally visited by the Sto:lo people as early as 1860. Then in 1950s, the National Parks of Canada assumed ownership. These caves are mainly carved out of limestone from underground rivers.

Sto:lo Caves: This cave offers a longer immersion experience, here participants enter a main cavern from where they can explore optional squeezes. This lesser-known cave is found in the beautiful forest areas along the Chilliwack River. The entrance and exit are found in a small crack in the rock and a moss-covered hole on the hill. Unassuming on the outside yet an adventure awaiting on the inside. Caving is best done with friends, where you can support, guide, and stay close to one another.

Program Outline

Half-Day (3.5 hours)

  • welcome and activity explanation 
  • return hike and send-off
  • *time varies depending on caves booked (2.5–3.5 hours)

Ability Expectations: This is a physically active event, which requires participants to be able to crawl on their hands and knees, plus use both upper and lower body limbs for maneuvering.  

Location: Chipmunk Caves & Sto:lo Caves in Chilliwack, Sasquatch Caves in Hope

Transportation: Omada guide will meet your group at the caving parking area.

Group Size: 6-20

Age: Middle School – Adult

Season: Caving can be done year-round.

Caving Disclaimer
Chipmunk and Stolo caves (where Omada operate) are not large standing-room caves. Crawling, climbing, squeezing, bending, and twisting are required to pass through the caves. There are larger, more open spaces (possible to be sitting or standing) in a few places, but often accessed via narrower or more difficult passage. It is an activity that is physically demanding and takes a toll on clothing, resulting in rips or stains. Please keep these things in mind when considering booking this activity for your group. See physical requirements for caving in FAQs


Booking Info