Fort Langley + Monopoly = Fortopoly! This is life-sized version of the game Monopoly is played in the scenic town of Fort Langley.

Each team chooses a banker representative to be their game board master. Armed with instructions and a communication line to their banker teams head out onto the sidewalk to race against the dice and the other teams. As players move around the board they purchase property, make trades, grab a coffee for jail time, and solve puzzles to earn game cash. All this while communicating on the go via cell phone with their team members.

Fortopoly is a team-building event that requires problem-solving, strategic planning, perseverance, teamwork, and a little bit of luck!  


Ability Expectations: Lace up your sneakers! During this game, the average person walks between 2-5km. Option for team bankers to minimize their milage and remain located at the home base with minimal walking required.

Location: Fort Langley

Program Length: 2.5-4 hours (welcome and warm-up, gaming prep and instructions, gameplay, debrief)

Group Size: 10-40

Age: University- Adult

Season: Fortolpoly can be played year-round.


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