High Ropes Course

We LOVE our high ropes course! It is the staple of our team building programing here at Omada. Located on campus at TWU in the beautiful trees which provide shade on the hot days, and respite from the rain on wet days.

The high ropes course (aka challenge course) is made up of 8 separate climbing elements. Each climb is an actual experience in teamwork. This involves a ground belay team who are responsible for the rope and harnesses system, facilitated by Omada staff, and climbing partners working together to tackle a challenge 30-75 feet up in the air.

Learn hands-on about communication, leadership, teamwork, trust, planning, risk taking, goal setting, and adapting to change. Our high ropes course is unique in that each element was originally designed with leadership and teamwork in mind. The climbing experience is dissected and debriefed with your team to foster personal and group growth by discovering connections between ourselves, nature, and others.

The ropes course experience invites your team to analyze participant roles, evaluate strategic outcomes, and define success. Participants note and share how new or stressful situations can impact performance, contribution, and creative problem solving.  Throughout the day, metaphors and analogies are drawn from the activities to generate discussion and understanding to apply the principles you've just experience to your everyday challenges and celebrations.

Program Outline

Half Day (4 hours)

  • welcome and icebreaker initiatives 
  • safety briefing, gear and belaying instruction
  • approx. 1.5 hours of climb time
  • grounding and debrief  

Full Day (5+ hours)

  • welcome and icebreaker initiatives
  • safety briefing, gear and belaying instruction
  • approx. 3 hours of climb time
  • grounding and debrief  

Ability Expectations: Our course is based on a ‘choose your challenge’ philosophy so participants can participate within their comfort or stretch zone. Ways to be involved are from the ground up, tackling a high climb, holding a ladder, photographer, belaying, and anchoring.  See physical requirements

Location: Trinity Western University Langley Campus

Group Size: 6-40 * For group sizes larger than 40 please contact the Omada office omada@twu.ca

Age: High School - Adult

Season: Open year-round rain or shine.


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