Athletic Team Programs


The game is short, and each athlete has to play at 100%. But more than that, your team has to play its best – otherwise everyone goes down together. And it’s not always easy to get a group of highly competitive individuals to function as one unit. That’s why we’re here to help.

At Omada Teambuilding, we have a long history of helping sports teams succeed. How? First, we offer uniquely tailored programs for each team. That means you’ll never have the same experience as someone else, and your day will be refreshingly different every time you come.

Secondly, our programs involve a variety of hands-on challenges that require co-operation, trust, problem-solving skills, strategy, respect, and communication. Each person takes on a critical role in accomplishing the group’s goals. Team members also learn to play to each other’s strengths and compensate for each other’s weaknesses. As well, our time of team reflection transforms the activities into insightful lessons that are both personal and universal.

That’s only the beginning—but now the ball’s in your court. Find out more about Athletic Programs, or visit our reviews page and let our award-winning teams speak for themselves.