Athletic Reviews

Team BC Volleyball

"The afternoon we spent on the course did more for our team cohesion than three more weeks of training in the gym would have done. The athletes learned to solve problems and utilize each others' strengths to reach their goals. One afternoon was definitely not enough!!"

"It was a great learning experience that will help with the team sport of volleyball."

LSS Soccer Academy

"A must do for groups, business, teams of all ages and descriptions. Take the challenge - it has something for everyone."

National Sport Academy

"The experience itself not only quickly accomplished our goals but explored many dynamics within the team that otherwise may not have been discovered."

Abbotsford Bantam B1 Hawks

"The program was fabulous our boys gelled together very quickly because of it!"

Langley Hockey

"Tremendous experience for all involved. Active and challenging as individuals and for group cohesion. Difficult not to absorb and accept lesions during activities as links to athletic team experience very evident and real."

Abbotsford Midget Girls

"Team work and trust will get you though any task."

TWU Men's Volleyball Coach

"Personally this experience was so valuable I would recommend that coaches consider taking practice time to do some of the team building exercises. The pay off in terms of "team" would be far greater than a little more court time."

Delta Gymnastics

"I learned something new about a few of my collegues that really increased my respect for them."

Athletes In Action

"It was great to see leaders emerge through the different challenges that they were faced with."