Student & Teacher Reviews

“I'd like to thank you for teaching me all sorts of things about leadership. It was truly awesome. You guys were a lot of fun and you have inspired me to try new things and to 'step up.' I know now that I want to inspire and motivate other people in my school. I have dreams!”
~ Lisa Shoesmith, Fernie Secondary School Student

“The Students had opportunities to learn more about themselves and others.”
~ Fraser Valley Christian School

“My staff surprised themselves... while taking risks we were made to feel safe and we were willing to trust each other. This is an excellent resource...”
~ Kristy Gorenzen, Abbotsford Continuing Education

“The low rope challenges were great for seeing our group decision making [skills].”
~ Youth Taking Charge Participant

"I know it's been a while since you were here but I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the afternoon you spent with us.  After 18 years in education I have participated in several similar workshops designed to build community.   Some have been good, some have been not, but none have been as effective as the one you facilitated for us. Well done!  I would recommend your services without reservation!"

~Barry Davison, Director of Campus Life, Maple Ridge Christian School

TEAMS Workshop Participants

“The TEAMS workshop is an excellent way to learn some activities to increase collaboration in your classroom.”

“The TEAMS workshop provides ideas and useful activities which are very applicable in almost any classroom or subject area.”

“Lots o' laughs with lots o' learning!”

TWU Nursing 111 Students

“The course encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone. It was scary but a lot of fun too.”

“I really enjoyed this activity as it tested my will-power and strengthened my trust in the group.”

“It helped me learn more about myself, forcing me to face my fears, but in the safest of environments.”

“It was great fun. I felt like I had accomplished something big when it was all done.”

Teachers in Training Course

“I just wanted to thank you so much for giving me (and our class) the opportunity to participate in the ropes course. About 5 years ago I was forced into doing a ropes course and was quite scared during the whole ordeal. I appreciated that you let us decide whether or not we would do the course, and I found that I challenged myself more because of that. I am also thankful that you taught us to belay so that we could support our peers in that way. Thanks again for a great experience and be encouraged that you are influencing lives.”
~ Kim Dyck

“Thanks for putting me at ease from the very beginning. I was actually not planning on participating at all; however, the group games were great at making us all feel more comfortable. Thank you so much for your support and encouragement; I am so glad that I participated and was able to jump off of the pole. I have realized that I need to challenge myself more! Thanks!”
~ Lori B.

“It is amazing how clear things become when you are perched on a 10-meter pole. I learned that fear does not immobilize me; it exhilarates me. Thanks for taking the time to work with us.”
~ Jen Snow