Non-Profit Reviews

Central Heights Italy Missions Team

"Omada Teambuilding helped to build great shared experiences and taught us to be a team."

Eden Mennonite Church

"Omada Teambuilding's ropes course is a must for any group desiring to work on team building aspects in their ministry."

Langley Vineyard

"We came as we individuals and we walked away a team."

St. Mary's Kerrisdale

"This was an incredible exercise in team building. I would highly recommend all teams go through it!"

ACTS Seminaries

"OMADA Teambuilding creates a welcoming environment that engages participants in effective team building activity and reflection."

Mountain View Alliance Church Youth Group

"Even our younger youth were able to take leadership roles."

Discipleship Coordinators

"The course experience was well planed and facilitated professionally. We walked away with a renewed sense of vision and teamwork."


"Omada Teambuilding taught our DRIME leadership team irreplaceable lesions on communication, vulnerability, trust, and goal setting. It was a day we won't soon forget!"

Seven Oaks Alliance Church

"Talking team is one thing, being team while your life hangs by a ½ inch rope is quite another. This course creates team!"

Prince Rupert Baptist Youth Missions

"I don't ever want to forget what I learned on the course... I don't think I could!"

Delbrook Baptist church

"A fantastic team building experience with evidently well suited and trained coaches."

Abby Free Youth staff

"The challenge course offered a great opportunity for our youth staff team to build relationships and overcome obstacles together. The experience has given us a great starting point to a year of ministry together."

C.L.A. school of Missions

"This was an amazing experience full of spiritual analogies!"

"I had a great unforgettable experience."

"When we can begin learning to trust those around us, trusting god becomes easier."

"It taught me a lot about trust, working together as a group."

South Ridge Fellowship

"The place where answers are discovered not given!"

Southgate Interns

"Omada Teambuilding is excellent, the staff is very professional and we have always had tons of fun.  The ropes course has become an annual tradition for our program and has provided a great way to build camaraderie and teamwork."

5 Stones Youth

"The High Ropes Course proved to be exactly as it was intended to do-push the youth to do activities that they were not used to doing in a safe atmosphere, and experience the satisfaction of completing it."