Participating in the MA in Leadership (Business Stream) in Mandarin program at Trinity Western University (TWU) can expand your knowledge, improve your skills, and increase your income! Learn to develop and execute your organization’s strategic goals with ease, starting with your existing position to build a high-performance and values-based organization.

Practicing the Transformational Servant Leadership concept will help you — and the organization you serve — to excel! Experience results in the workplace and in your personal career — 90 percent of program graduates are promoted within six months of graduation!

TWU’s MA in Leadership program not only improved my leadership but also helped shape my personal career plan. True leadership is not a title or a position of authority, but the willingness to serve others around you so that everyone can win. The program is suitable for those who dare to challenge themselves to become leaders who will influence the future.

 Qiu Junru, Business Stream, 2008 Graduate

 The MA in Leadership Mandarin program is a combination of theories and methods. Many traditional business education focuses more on theory. But if you learn methodology and tactics without knowing why and how to practice, your education is a failure. This program is different in this respect. All the methods and techniques are carried out around the “Dao” of Servant Leadership. Many business cases have also proven that it is an effective paradigm in practice.

Liu Li, Business Steam, 2010 Graduate

 The program has broadened the scope of my understanding of leadership, as well as motivated me to engage in education management and to apply evolving servant-leadership principles with zeal. Management strategies and the science of human resource management and leadership have laid a foundation for comprehensive education reform at our schools. Through the study and its application at my school, I recognized how a program derived from advanced, researched, and well-developed leadership theory of the West can be easily accepted and implemented by its domestic counterparts. Servant Leadership touches the deeper personal needs of an individual. It not only facilitates personal career growth but also brings blessings to the inner self. The leadership implementation strategies, especially the reformative ideas of education management and effective teaching, are in line with the current trend of domestic quality education, and provide a practical and holistic education strategy.

Jiang Yu, Education Stream, 2011 Graduate

The entire curriculum is based on “Leadership Values” and brings together the academic frontier information of world leadership management and practical methods of business leadership management. It has enriched me with valuable leadership management resources for my professional growth and helped me in the workplace by combining theory with practice. Each course deepens my reasoning abilities, challenges my existing thinking patterns, inspires me to think out of the box, leads me to innovate more meaningfully, and makes my work more efficient and effective. Through self-reflection and personal growth, I’m able to understand others better, discern the root of various problems, and discover credible solutions.

Sun Yunbo, Business Field, 2010 Graduate