Graduate Testimonials

Participating in the MA in Leadership (Business Stream) in Mandarin program at Trinity Western University (TWU) can expand your knowledge, improve your skills, and increase your income. Learn to develop and execute your organization’s strategic goals with ease, starting with your existing position to build a high-performance and values-based organization.

Ren Shaohua, 5th cohort, recipient of both the highest GPA and TSL Excellence Awards

He said, “one final paper from the first course has helped a private company to change its strategy into globalization”.

His colleagues said, “our leader used to be like a locomotive, but now he is more like a gas station.”

His son said, “after joining the MAL program, my dad can see and deal with things from other people’s perspectives; he has become gentler. He has also been intentionally spending more time at home. We can talk to each other very openly and closely. Dad has set up a very good role model to me and my younger brother.”

Deng Yongqiang, 6th cohort, recipient of TSL Excellence Award

“In the two years of MAL study, every course I have learned has given me new methods and ideas to be applied in my work, helping me and my team to become more competent and improving my confidence in leading the team to achieve even better results.”

Helen Wei, 7th cohort, Recipient of the Highest GPA Award

“The reason I chose to study Leadership at TWU is that after 20 years of working, I found the challenges I am faced with are getting bigger, and the market and personnel are also changing more rapidly. As a leader, I know I must grow and get more equipped. MAL Mandarin courses have integrated business leadership with values and corporate culture together, which I didn’t find in other programs. In this learning process, I have has many extra gains. Every course has given me some new and practical ideas. A full harvest!”

Xiaosha Gao , 7th cohort learner

I have discovered with awe that the leadership tools and principles I have learned in the leadership program also work in home education completely and effectively. Leadership study is a journey with unexpected results, for what you get is always more than what you imagined.”

Huang Yanjuan, 10th cohort, winners of both Highest GPA and best TSL practice awards

“I have directly benefitted from this program. I was promoted to be a senior executive after a year of study. This program has helped me to link the knowledge into systems and turn it into tools in my own toolbox. With this toolbox, I can lead the employees in a more systematic manner and was often reminded to influence more people. My colleagues said, “ There is light in Sister Juan, and this light makes people feel warm everywhere it goes.” I become more and more confident at work. I can often help my clients to quickly find their pains when I communicate with them, then use what I have learned to help them solve the problem or at least find ways to try. This “special” ability helped me gained a lot, such as achieving the small goal we have set up for this year, which is to increase 100 million US dollars sales from new clients. I have also made a big breakthrough in self-management. I have become more determined and have the courage to challenge myself. The honor needs to go to our program, it has lightened up my journey and helped me live a brighter life!”

Li Xuan, 10th cohort

I have gained a lot from these three years’ study, not only from the courses, but also from the teachers and friends. Servant leadership helped me to be humble and to learn about others’ needs.  It also helped me know the core of leadership is to serve. I am grateful to the professors who are also servant leadership practitioners. They not only taught us the knowledge and skills, but also let us see the real role models that we can learn from and follow. I am also thankful to my classmates who made this journey such a happy and unforgettable experience.