Program Overview

Real time learning. Real time application.

The launch of the MA in Leadership (Business Stream) in Mandarin is specifically designed for current and emerging Chinese-speaking business and organizational leaders.  The program spans more than two years with a total of 34 credit units. Working students are able to apply in real-time what they learn in class to their respective professions so as to ensure the stellar quality of the overall learning.

The program is highly professional and focuses on applying academic concepts to the practice of organizational leadership to enhance the overall leadership competencies and capacity of the students. The course assignments are closely integrated with the student's daily work situations so that it is easier for them to practice what they learn.

Program Benefits

The MA in Leadership (Business Stream) in Mandarin Program has a clear purpose and goals for solid leadership development. Through the study, students refine their professional ability and acquire a good leadership career prospect after graduation.

The program promotes transformational servant leadership to create necessary conditions for organizations and their employees to perform at their best. The organizations led by the Servant Leadership paradigm produce better performance, which is the yardstick for measuring leadership.

The program aims to develop leaders who are willing to serve their employees, have ethical decision-making skills, and produce positive results. Profits are important, but the priority of organizational operations is to focus on employee empowerment, learning and innovation, and productivity.

An organization that constantly renews itself must focus on serving customers, valuing employees, assuming corporate social responsibility, promoting learning and innovation, and meeting broader expectations. Through the courses, students develop a far-reaching organizational vision/mission, strategic objectives, outcome goals, and organizational systems to make their organization a self-renewing one.

The Unique Benefits of the MA in Leadership (Business Stream) in Mandarin Program include:

  • The leadership program has been fully accredited by BC Ministry of Advanced Education and Labor Market Development;
  • A graduate program totally taught in Mandarin and English or other standard tests are not required;
  • Instructors possess extensive cross-cultural business leadership experience;
  • Appointment of instructors is based on being academically qualified;
  • The program blends online and face to face learning ‘best practices’;
  • Students customize learning to fit personal work requirements and plans;
  • The program has been developed on basis of leadership research findings;
  • The leadership paradigm taught produces the most profitable business.