MA in Leadership students showcase research at TWU Richmond academic poster presentation conference

Investigating societal applications of leadership 

At the inaugural academic poster event for TWU Richmond's MA in Leadership program, students showcased a range of exciting research projects. 

Through visual and oral presentations, they demonstrated their ability to integrate practical curriculum content, exemplifying achievement in the program's defined leadership competencies.

TWU Richmond's MA in Leadership academic poster conference on Feb. 28, 2024.

Academic capstone 

Students in the MA in Leadership program must demonstrate, through completing the Leadership Integration Project (LDRS 697, 698), competent use of evidence-based scholarly knowledge, ability to analyze an issue, discipline in the problem-solving process, and scholarly documentation and presentation of information.

Students demonstrated all these skills and more at the TWU Richmond MA in Leadership academic poster conference on Feb. 28, 2024.

TWU Richmond's MA in Leadership academic poster conference on Feb. 28, 2024.

Scholarly achievements celebrated

Associate Professor of Leadership Dr. Tina Wu explains that this poster event was the final requirement for the students before they graduate with their master's degrees this spring.

Dr. Wu was impressed by the high calibre of the students' work, expressing, "Students spent a great deal of time and effort to discover gaps and issues in the practical leadership world, and then followed up with finding doable solutions based on the results of their research projects."

She explains that in general, students' research projects could be either primary data collection (supported by TWU Human Research Ethics Board approval) or secondary data collection (systematic review of existing published research) methods.  

"I was honoured to be their instructor to collaborate and guide them through the academic research of their leadership integration journey," she adds.

TWU Richmond's MA in Leadership academic poster conference on Feb. 28, 2024.

Preparing global leaders

As students in the MA in Leadership program come from around the world, they are being prepared to become practical global leaders through studying at TWU.

One student who participated in the poster event provided feedback to Dr. Wu by writing, “Your classes were not just lessons; they were legit game-changers for me. Your cool approach and support made the whole academic thing a lot less intimidating. I'm walking out of here with more than just a degree, I've got some serious knowledge and confidence, thanks to you. I'm seriously grateful for all you've done.”

TWU Richmond's MA in Leadership academic poster conference on Feb. 28, 2024.

Investigating leadership applied in many sectors

Presentation topics showcased by the Spring 2024 MA in Leadership (LDRS 698 RA/RB) Richmond students included:

  • Is there a relationship between transformational leadership and job satisfaction in healthcare employees?
  • What are the obstacles for internationally trained healthcare professionals to become certified healthcare professionals in Canada?
  • What financial and acculturation challenges do international graduate students face at Trinity Western University (TWU), and how do these challenges affect their well-being?
  • What strategies can immigrant females apply to gain equal opportunities to taking up leading positions in Canada?

Research on the above and many more organizational, healthcare, and leadership topics were featured.

TWU Richmond's MA in Leadership academic poster conference on Feb. 28, 2024.

Sharing meaningful research findings

As the poster event was a capstone demonstration of students' scholarly achievements, each project required rigorous research, successful TWU research ethics (HREB) approval, teamwork and collaboration, and effective communication and presentation of research outcomes. 

Students were evaluated on their ability to conduct thorough research and present their results in clear and engaging ways before a committee of judges. Groups took turns to speak on their research direction, scope, findings, and recommendations. Each group's research process and results were represented through text and graphics on a well-designed poster.

Students, faculty, and staff attended the event to learn about the work of MA in Leadership students and to celebrate their achievements.

TWU Richmond's MA in Leadership academic poster conference on Feb. 28, 2024.

About TWU's MA in Leadership

The MA in Leadership degrees are offered with two foundational curriculum themes – Transformational Servant Leadership and Values-Based Leadership. Our degree program is designed to develop emerging leaders using the Competency Model to become confident and effective servant-leaders for the 21st Century. Learn more at TWU's MA in Leadership program.

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