To Our Class of 2020

As you entered your final year of studies in the fall of 2019 filled with resolve to earn your degree, we were thrilled with anticipation to celebrate your accomplishment this spring with friends, family, and faculty cheering you on.

Our current global reality was the last thing anyone could have expected for the graduating class of 2020. This year certainly posed a unique situation and has required all of us to adapt quickly to a rapid chain of events. But you have proven to be a unique class with a unique calling, and we’re so proud of how hard you have continued to work despite uncertainty and how you have banded together in support of one another despite being physically distanced.

Throughout the past few months you have not only continued to stay focused on your goals but also shown grace, compassion, faith, and strength. You have graduated with more than just a degree. You have prevailed through a challenge and revealed a mature, steadfast Christian spirit in a time of turmoil.

While the 2020 graduation experience certainly doesn’t look the way any of us would have imagined some months ago, we wholeheartedly hope that you feel valued, honoured, and celebrated.    

We are thankful for our staff and faculty for equipping our students to enter the professional world with skills for success, and for nurturing our students to face a world where unexpected and trying times can arise. Deep appreciation also goes to the parents of our graduands, for giving the students extra support and guidance to help them fulfill their dreams at TWU.

We are filled with gratitude for our donors, who have enabled us all to come this far and have given an extra measure of their generosity to ensure that our university had all the resources needed during these unprecedented times.

And now as you, the Graduating Class of 2020, join our alumni network, we pray that you will carry the spirit of this university to transform the people, places, and positions you will encounter in the next chapters of your journey.

Please enjoy the videos that have been put together to reflect a special collective experience that we believe has created an even stronger bond among you—and among all of us. 

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