Sonya Grypma appointed to Trinity Western University's Executive Leadership Team

LANGLEY, B.C.: Trinity Western University (TWU) is pleased to announce that Sonya Grypma, Ph.D., R.N., is joining the university’s Executive Leadership Team. Dr. Grypma has taught as a faculty member at Trinity Western’s School of Nursing since 2007 and served as Dean and Professor of Nursing since 2013. Sonya provided superb leadership in her role as dean and represented the school at the provincial, national, and international levels with excellence.

A nurse, historian, and published scholar, Dr. Grypma started teaching nursing in 1988 and has been a research fellow at the Universities of British Columbia, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. Her research explores transnational nursing history, particularly the intersection of Canadian, American, and Chinese nursing networks developed through philanthropic, missionary, and nursing organizations prior to 1948. She has played a significant role in nursing education leadership provincially, as Chair of the Nursing Education Council of British Columbia (NECBC), and is currently president for Canadian Association for Schools of Nursing (CASN). Her extensive research has taken her to four continents as a keynote speaker.

Dr. Grypma has served in various key institutional positions during her tenure at TWU. As Chair of the University Senate, she was instrumental in establishing the TWU Student Learning Outcomes. She has also served on the Faculty Workplace Environment Committee that addressed terms and conditions of faculty employment. In addition to teaching responsibilities, Sonya has served on thesis committees of 25 graduate students, including three Ph.D. candidates.

Trinity Western University is pleased that in August 2019 Sonya also accepted the role of Dean of TWU GLOBAL. GLOBAL is an acronym that encompasses six critical ways Trinity Western University is strategically positioning the institution to meet the growing and evolving needs of international, adult, and online learners. A key component of TWU Global is the university’s Leadership program, which offers nationally and internationally recognized degrees in a rapidly growing academic and professional field. In her capacity as Associate Provost – Leadership, Sonya contributes to leadership development across the organization and is especially passionate about advancing the cause of women in leadership.

“I have a deep admiration for TWU faculty, staff, and administrators, for their collective commitment to providing high-quality education and serving Christ and society,” says Dr. Grypma. “As a scholar and administrator deeply committed to advancing women in leadership, I am especially delighted to be part of TWU’s senior leadership team. I recognize the significance of bringing a different voice and presence to the group tasked most directly with engaging the university’s greatest opportunities and challenges, and cannot overstate how much I look forward to working together.” 

“The striking combination of intercultural competency, focus on leadership development, commitment to advance women in leadership, and deep Christian faith makes Sonya a tremendous addition to Trinity Western University’s Executive Leadership Team,” says Dr. Mark Husbands, the new president of Trinity Western University, for whom Sonya’s appointment to this team represents an early and significant decision regarding the leadership of the university.

W. Robert Wood, Ph.D., Provost, affirms, “Dr. Grypma is a very gifted leader who is well-respected both within the university and externally. I am very pleased that she has chosen to continue to use her gifts in her new roles at Trinity Western University.”

Today’s announcement signals the strategic importance of TWU GLOBAL and the vital role of women at senior levels of administration at Trinity Western University.


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