TWU freezes tuition rates for 2014-15

Trinity Western University announced a zero per cent tuition increase for the 2014-2015 academic year. President Bob Kuhn shared the news with TWU students on October 30, to their enthusiastic cheers and applause. “Thanks in part to the efforts of TWUSA, it’s been decided that there will be no increase to undergraduate tuition for 2014-15,” he said. “We know that despite what a great educational experience TWU is, and how much many of you love being here, that it’s expensive. We’ve been listening.”

The move demonstrates the cooperation between TWU Administration and the TWU Student Association (TWUSA). Midway through the spring semester last year, the University notified students of a tuition increase, which affected the summer and fall semesters. As a result, then-TWUSA President Kelly Lamb (’13) put forward a resolution on behalf of the student body requesting that the University provide students more notice of tuition increases.

The Administration agreed that, wherever possible, students would be notified by October 31—and approved the TWUSA resolution. But it took a step further and froze tuition rates for the upcoming academic year. “The University is taking the students’ voices seriously when it comes to tuition and affordability,” said Tim Shulba, Director of Financial Aid. “Even public universities are having to raise tuition because governments are freezing or reducing the amount of funding they provide. Because TWU is not publically funded, we’ve always had to do more with less.”

Still, the University is committed to making TWU viable for as many students as possible. “Students see the educational experience they receive at TWU as something that trumps the cost,” said current TWUSA President Mackenzie Dunn (’14). “It wasn’t asked for or expected that the University would freeze tuition rates.”

“We didn’t think it would have the impact it did, but the result has been amazing,” said Lamb. “Students know that this commitment by the University requires sacrifice, and we are grateful to the faculty and staff who make TWU the great school it is.”


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