TWU School of Law statement

TWU submitted a proposal for a School of Law that was rigorously researched and developed in consultation with many lawyers, judges, academics and other leaders across the country.

Trinity Western University appreciates the many law students who have spoken this week both for and against the idea of a School of Law at TWU.

As a university with a 51-year history in higher education in British Columbia, TWU actively engages in open, respectful debate and dialogue on any topic, including its proposal for a law school. Trinity Western University is known as a community built on principles of acceptance, respect and compassion. It is, however, also a private, faith-based community and was chartered by the Legislature of British Columbia to be such. As a faith-based community, TWU does have core religious beliefs and values and, we trust, has the religious freedom in Canada to maintain such without penalty or discrimination.

In 2001 the Supreme Court of Canada examined this very issue with respect to an application by TWU for a teacher education program. In a very clear 8 to 1 decision the Supreme Court of Canada indicated that TWU could maintain its religious views and still fully participate in Canadian society. The Supreme Court stated: "…freedom of religion is not accommodated if the consequence of its exercise is the denial of the right of full participation in society."

TWU has submitted a proposal for a School of Law that was rigorously researched and developed in consultation with many lawyers, judges, academics and other leaders across the country. The proposal is for a small law school in Langley with a focus on professionalism, ethics, skills training and specializations in charities law and entrepreneur law. While this would be the first faith-based law school in Canada, there are around 30 in the United States including Notre Dame, Boston College, Baylor and Pepperdine.

TWU is proud of the contribution we make in Canada as a Christian university. Consistent with our mission and core values, the University will continue in its purpose of pursuing excellence in research and scholarship and developing individuals who are dedicated to treating all people with dignity and respect so that the world may experience Christ’s truth, compassion, reconciliation, and hope.  

While we value and respect differing views, we trust that a faith-based community still has the religious freedom in Canada to maintain its beliefs and participate fully in society.

Proposal for School of Law


Today is #GivingTuesday! On this international day to honour generosity, giving, and volunteering, let us remember those affected by the B.C. floods.

We invite you to find ways to share the spirit of generosity through your time, talent and treasure.

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In anticipation of the severe storm front forecasted to arrive in BC, most classes will be offered remotely for the next two days: Tuesday, Nov. 30, and Wednesday, Dec. 1.

Students, please check Moodle to confirm class changes.

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Langley students — want to switch up your study space this week? Head out to Minoru or Lansdowne campus in Richmond to study in their beautiful facilities!

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WEATHER UPDATE: Classes on Friday, November 26 will resume as usual for Langley and Richmond campuses.

TWU continues to follow the B.C. weather situation closely. We will provide further updates to our community as the need arises at

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Our Richmond Campus is excited to have their new Campus Pastor, Thomas Goodfellow (right)!

“We meet them where they’re at, and we help them to move forward and move in relationship with God.” — Thomas Goodfellow

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WEATHER ALERT: Classes on Thursday, November 25 will be moved to online or remote access, where possible, for Langley and Richmond campuses. Students, please check Moodle for details on how to access each of your classes. Updates will be posted at

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