TWU students to attend 3rd Global Peace Summit organized by Humanitarian Affairs Asia

Emerging leaders from around the world gather to foster a culture for global peace

In an era marked by complexity and the constant emergence of new challenges, global communities are seeking fresh perspectives and innovative ideas. Young and emerging leaders, with their unique insights and dynamism, possess the potential to contribute crucial perspectives that will shape the trajectory of global engagement in the future.

Three young leaders from Trinity Western University— Rea Klar, Jeremy Joosten, and Marko Zolotarov—are embarking on a once-in-a-lifetime experience to participate in the 3rd Global Peace Summit organized by Humanitarian Affairs Asia. It is a conference designed to empower the next generation of peacebuilders from diverse corners of the world.

TWU students (L-R) Jeremy Joosten, Rea Klar, and Marko Zolotarov, will participate in the 3rd Global Peace Summit organized by Humanitarian Affairs Asia at the United Nations Conference Centre in Bangkok. 

The third edition of the Global Peace Summit is set to take place from January 10 to 12, 2024, at the United Nations Conference Centre in Bangkok, Thailand. Outstanding delegates from around the world will represent their institutions of higher learning at this international conference dedicated to addressing global challenges and fostering peace and sustainable development. Conference participants will engage in thoughtful discussions, interactive plenary sessions, and valuable networking opportunities, all for the aim of cultivating a culture of peace among the world’s upcoming generation of bright minds.

In addition to representing TWU at the 3rd Global Peace Summit, Rea, Marko, and Jeremy have each been selected to be leaders at the conference. Only 11 people from around the world were accepted for a leadership role from a pool of 350 applicants. All three TWU students were chosen, and they are also the only representatives from Canada selected as leaders.

We look forward to hearing what Rea, Marko, and Jeremy will learn at the 3rd Global Peace Summit. As they embark, the students share their motivations for attending the summit, and how their passions align with conference goals.

Environmental sustainability and global peace

Rea Klar, a fourth-year biology major with a psychology minor, has a passion for the environment and creation care. As vice president of the environmental club on campus (TWEC), her passion for environmental sciences led her to participate as an observer in the 2022 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP27), an experience that greatly expanded her knowledge and deepened her commitment for environmental sustainability. Balancing studies with wellness and spiritual growth, Rea also enjoys attending campus prayer meetings and chapel, going to the gym, and trail running in TWU’s “Back-40” ecosystem study area. Rea dreams of becoming an optometrist so that she can “watch people smile as they come to see God's creation more clearly.”

Rea Klar, TWU fourth-year biology major.

Rea looks forward to attending the Global Peace Summit to deepen her understanding of human suffering and learn tangible ways to uphold peace in her life. She is excited about hearing impactful stories from guest speakers, including Ayik Chut Deng, a former child soldier, and Tova Friedman, a Holocaust survivor. Her passion for people and their life stories reflects her continuous growth as a servant leader, and she shares, “I hope that through the summit I come to a deeper connection with God and a stronger love for His children.”

Bringing people together for a better tomorrow

Jeremy Joosten, a fourth-year business student with a psychology minor, is passionate about building connections and bringing people of diverse backgrounds together for a common goal. As the TWU Student Association (TWUSA) president, Jeremy advocates for undergraduate students and works with others for the betterment of the campus community. He desires to use his giftings “as an opportunity to tell the story of people whose voices are unheard and rally support behind a cause.” Beyond academic and student leadership efforts, Jeremy engages in creative pursuits such as writing poetry, short stories, and plays.

Jeremy Joosten, TWU fourth-year business student.

Jeremy applied to attend the Global Peace Summit to learn how to unite people and cultures for a just cause. He aspires to create positive change in the world and believes that the summit, coupled with his TWU education, will equip him with the necessary skills and insights to get started on this journey. Jeremy is eager to connect with young adults from around the world and gain perspectives from future international leaders. His goals at the conference include increasing his understanding for the role of a Christian in advocating for peace in a secular political setting, building friendships centered around the desire to help others, and sharing how TWU has shaped his worldview.

Building bridges for peace

Marko Zolotarov, a third-year political studies student with a minor in psychology, is TWUSA vice president of student relations. Hailing from Ukraine, Marko has been involved in the resettlement of Ukrainians in the Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley regions since war broke out in his home country in 2022. Additionally, he was involved in the planting of the Ukrainian Bible Church in Abbotsford, B.C.

Marko Zolotarov, TWU third-year political studies major.

Marko strongly believes that everyone can play a part in peacebuilding, and he anticipates that the Global Peace Summit will be an opportunity to connect with upcoming world visionaries and a catalyst for learning how to promote peace locally and globally. Marko is confident that his experience at the summit will not only enhance his personal and academic growth but also provide an opportunity to apply the values of Trinity Western’s education within an international forum. In partnership with proactive young leaders, Marko strives to make a meaningful impact; he concludes, “I truly believe that all of us can make an impact in the world that will contribute to global peace. Attending the Global Peace Summit will educate and empower me to have a wider perspective on how to promote peace in my daily life, locally, and then globally.”

Humanitarian Affairs Asia’s 3rd Global Peace Summit is an opportunity for students to contribute to discussions on global peace and understanding, setting the stage for fostering a brighter and more harmonious future. As TWU students participate, they carry the values of Trinity Western and highlight the University's commitment to nurture leaders who think truthfully, act justly, and live faithfully for the good of the world and the glory of God. The summit aims to inspire young leaders to become ambassadors for peace in their various spheres of influence.

Partnering to support students 

Rea, Jeremy, and Marko's trip to Thailand to attend the 3rd Global Peace Summit was made possible through generous funding from Trinity Western University and TWUSA, and support and guidance from TWU's Centre for Calling & Career Development (CCCD). TWU's CCCD exists to equip students to design  and  build meaningful,  impactful, and sustainable  lives after graduation.

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