Welcoming Trinity Western University’s Inaugural Vice President of Inclusive Excellence, Dr. Jennifer Adkins

Trinity Western University is thrilled to welcome Jennifer Adkins, PhD, an expert in diversity, equity, and inclusion as the inaugural vice president of Inclusive Excellence.

As a key member of the executive leadership team, University leadership council, and strategic planning committee, Dr. Adkins provides strategic leadership and counsel to the University. She is advancing TWU’s work in diversity, equity, and inclusion, and helping to propel the University forward in pursuit of our shared vision to prepare graduates for faithful lives of excellence.

Dr. Adkins remarks, “As a global Christian university, we are at a unique and powerful place because of what God has done and is doing in and through our lives.”

“At Trinity Western, our commitment to diversity and inclusion comes from embracing the outworking of God’s eternal plan for unity and reconciliation,” she continues. “The embrace and celebration of difference lies at the core of God’s work, and this work forms our very identity as a Christian university.”

“Every one of us has the tremendous opportunity to celebrate the gifts and foster the uniqueness and creativity that each student brings to TWU,” she adds. “May we find deep joy in helping every student participate to their fullest and reach their highest potential, helping them to flourish during their time here at TWU.”

Academic insight, theological judgement, and professional experience

As VP of Inclusive Excellence, Jennifer Adkins brings extensive academic insight, theological judgement, and professional experience into her role of leading Trinity Western to build a faithful, global community.

A scholar and specialist in race relations, Jennifer has been an EDI consultant for private, public, and non-profit sectors for over 25 years. She started the first Race and Ethnicity Research Cluster in the Canadian Sociological Association and sits as chair of the cluster that includes around 125 members. She completed her PhD in Sociology at UBC, where she has also taught undergraduate courses.

Jennifer was a TWU faculty member in the Department of Sociology from 2010 to 2012, teaching courses on race and ethnicity, sociology, and human services. In addition to teaching and research, Jennifer served on the social justice team at Living Waters Church in Langley, B.C., and she is currently a board director for Compassion Canada.

Jennifer brings a unique perspective to her new role as VP of Inclusive Excellence at Trinity Western. As a Public Scholar at UBC, she researched interracial relationships and ideas around identity, race, and racism. She is adept at uncovering hidden biases and discerning how these ideas influence social interactions, including long term relationships such as dating, marriage and parenting, as well as the impact on an individual’s personal formation.

Reflecting upon the significance of this appointment, President Mark Husbands states:  

“It is an extraordinary privilege to encounter someone whose scholarship, professional expertise, and emotional intelligence are so well-integrated with a mature and faithful understanding of the biblical mandate to seek the dignity, well-being, and flourishing of all. Trinity Western University is privileged to have Jennifer Adkins serve as VP of Inclusive Excellence. Because we believe that diversity is written into the very fabric of God’s plan for creation and human flourishing, Trinity Western University is committed to honour and protect the dignity and value of all people.”

To which he adds:

“In humility, we recognize the chasm that exists between our present reality and the promised future of Revelation 7:9, and we enthusiastically welcome and celebrate the contribution that Jennifer Adkins will make to our pursuit of what MLK Jr. called Beloved Community.”

Please join us in welcoming Vice President of Inclusive Excellence Jennifer Adkins.

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