Admission to the TWU Nursing program is limited to 60 students per year and is granted beginning in the Fall semester only. Students applying to Nursing must complete both an application to the University and one to the Nursing program (a separate application and 2 references).

Admission to the Nursing program is competitive and based upon academic admission requirements, the Nursing application, references, and relevant work and volunteer experience. Applications are reviewed for admission after the February 28 deadline for the following Fall semester. An application will not be reviewed until all required components have been received. Late applications will be reviewed and considered on a space availability basis.

In addition to meeting TWU entrance requirements, admission to the Nursing program requires completion of Grade 12 (or GED) with a minimum cumulative GPA of B- in courses required for Nursing admission; these include completion of the following courses with no less than 67% in each course:

  • Biology 12
  • Chemistry 12
  • English 12
  • Math 11*

*Pre-Calculus 11 or Foundations of Math 11 for BC students

Transfer students from colleges and universities, including students from TWU, must meet the entrance requirements outlined above. University credits must meet the stipulated minimum requirements within the Nursing program: C in science courses, C average in all other courses, and C+ in any prior nursing credits. Please note the transferability of nursing credits into the TWU Nursing program should not be assumed. Courses will be considered on an individual basis. However, any transfer credits granted will not shorten the four years required to complete the TWU BSN program.

Admitted students will receive notification by email and/or a telephone call from their Admissions Counsellor. All students admitted to the program must provide a $500 enrolment deposit by May 1 to hold their seat in Nursing. Those who do not make this payment by May 1 will lose their seat in the program. This deposit is non-refundable after May 1. Students who meet the entrance criteria but who are not admitted will be placed on a waitlist. Students from this list may be admitted after May 1 providing there are remaining seats in the program. 

Personal interviews with Nursing faculty may be required prior to admission to the Nursing program.

Current TWU students: In order to be eligible for early admission to the Nursing program you must be a current TWU student (enrolled in at least 9 semester hours for the Spring semester), have met all of the high-school requirements (at least 67% in BIOL 12, CHEM 12, ENGL 12, and MATH 11/PRE-CAL 11), and must have attained a minimum grade of “B” in BIOL 241 or 242 and ENGL 103 or 104. Students who meet these requirements may apply for early admission to the Nursing program. The application process for early admission opens on January 1st and closes on February 1st. The completed application package contains a section with questions on why you are suited to be a Nurse and provides space for two references (one character reference and one academic/professional reference). All portions of this application must be submitted by the end of the day on February 1st in order for your application for early admission to Nursing to be considered. Questions can be directed to the Executive Assistant to the Dean, Raechel Healey-Chamberlain at

Students who do not meet early admission requirements may still apply to the Nursing program, and will be evaluated with the general admission pool. Applications are reviewed for admission after the February 28 deadline for the following Fall semester. Late applications will be reviewed and considered on a space availability basis.

Students with English as a second language will be required to meet the English Proficiency Requirement per the TWU Academic Calendar.

For general information about applying to TWU visit the Undergraduate Admissions website.